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Thick veneer edging suitable for high traffic areas

Edgemate produces a line of thick veneer edgebanding products available in 1.0 to 3.0 mm thicknesses. Thick edgebanding is constructed by laminating multiple layers of the real wood veneers together using formaldehyde free Polyurethane (PUR) adhesive. The PUR adhesive between each layer form bonds within the wood that increases flexibility, … [Read More...]

E-letter: Plain English

Well, our redoubtable prime minister has made it into the world headlines once more, this time for man-‘splainin’ to a woman why she should say peoplekind instead of mankind. Peoplekind is neither in the dictionary nor the social lexicon, so we are left wondering what he meant, especially after a certain amount of backlash sent him to the podium, … [Read More...]


Old world technical ingenuity at home on the prairie

The land in southern Manitoba may be flat as a billiard table, but the ambition here is a mountainous as the Rockies. Over generations, Germans and other immigrants have exercised their wood … Read More

Barns reborn as custom furniture

Wooden antiques are not always hidden away in upscale shops and grandparents’ homes. Sometimes they hide in plain sight, littering rural roads across Canada and the U.S., those once-functional … Read More

Door and countertop production driven by people, technology

When Fernand Belanger opened his Montreal, Que., business in 1965, he was a countertop pioneer working with particle board and laminate. Fifty-plus years later, cabinet doors have been added to the … Read More


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Family business, Costa Rica style

Dropping out of the clouds over San José, Costa Rica, you get the feeling you are a long way from Canada. The view includes a few modern buildings, but many of the residences are walled and you discover as you drive past in your rental car that the walls are commonly topped with razor wire — a reminder that Costa Rica is low-crime and low-risk for tourists, but has its local problems with pilfering and burglary. Out of town and headed north on Hwy. 1, the Pan-American Highway, the impression … Read More

Small business clampdown

New employment standards legislation in Ontario is making it easier for unions to organize in the province. When Bill 148, the "Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act" came into effect on January 1, it lowered the threshold from 50 to 20 percent signup of union cards in the private sector to allow access to employee data through the Ontario Labour Relations Board. According to Julie Kwiecinski, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) director of Provincial Affairs, Ontario, the … Read More

Economics of finishing

MILLWORK, furniture and cabinet shops face challenges when they can’t keep up with demand. So to stay on top of things, the decision often boils down to either hiring more hands, or taking the leap into automation. Those same in-demand shops that also do their own spraying in-house manually grapple with having enough skilled hands on deck, too. One company that didn’t hesitate to embrace automation is Muskoka Cabinet Company of Alfred, Ont. The now highly-automated residential and … Read More

Technology inspires design

WHEN ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS approach a project these days, whether it involves cabinetry or furniture production, technological developments over the past 25 have affected their thinking about design. The question as to what degree things have changed is an important one to Alain Albert, who studied architecture in the 1980s and later transitioned into industrial design through that decade and into the 1990s. “Although there have been countless innovations in materials, finishes and hardware, … Read More