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Up stroke, down stroke

General International’s new 75-010 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press is designed for easy, complete control of both down-stroke depth and upstroke travel. It’s equipped with an easy-to-adjust dual depth stop. The press has a 9-1/2-inch square work table. The spindle speed ranges from 500 to 3,000 rpm, and there’s a digital speed display. The chuck … [Read More...]

Add some splice

Kuper’s new ACR 3200 Cross-splicing Machine is a completely new concept and redesign of its ACR Speedstar, the company says. Its features include one-person operation; touch-panel command control; servo drives and optical positioning control; and an integrated, photo-electronically controlled cutting blade. The working width in the direction of the … [Read More...]


Colclo Custom Woodworking, Markham, Ont.

Seeing history through a window   Every once in a while Brent Colclough gets sentimental, and, when he looks down at the shop floor through the window of his upstairs office, he sees … Read More

Enns Cabinetry, St. Catharines, Ont.

Craftsmanship and all that goes with it is in Art Enns’s blood. “My grandfather was a cabinetmaker but I never knew him,” he says almost matter-of-factly, as his father, George, 86, finishes turning a … Read More

Irpinia Kitchens, Richmond Hill, Ont.

From Avellino with love: No substitute for passion By Kerry Knudsen The last time I profiled Ontario’s Irpinia Kitchens was in 1998 or 1999. While we rarely repeat profiles, I have wondered what … Read More

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Millennials: New perspective on customization

If Paul Revere was making a midnight ride these days to alert you, he’d probably be shouting, “The Millennials are coming, the Millennials are coming!” Actually, they are already here, so get armed to meet them head on. A global market research study by the consulting firm Accenture calls Millennials “a potent force” that spends US $600 billion annually now. By 2020, says Accenture, this will grow to US $1.4 trillion every year. That will represent 30 percent of total retail sales in the U.S., Ac … Read More

Face-to-face: Find the marketing mix that connects

To play on a famous line from the movie Field of Dreams, believing you build the best cabinetry, doesn’t necessarily mean customers will come. Keeping the pipeline full requires some form of marketing. In the internet and digital age, there are more marketing tools, avenues and opportunities available to you than ever before — from your website to Twitter and Pinterest; to Google Adwords; to referral marketing; to traditional direct-mail marketing and print ads. The challenge is figuring out the … Read More

Bang for your dues

In the skilled-labour challenge, association value is a two-way street The lack of young people pursuing the skilled trades, including careers in this industry, is an issue the manufacturing sector has been wrestling with for decades. And there’s still no winning round in sight. With the baby-boomers getting ever-closer to retirement, it’s an issue with which every business owner and association in our industry is wrestling. How well they’re doing that, is the proverbial $64,000 quest … Read More

Export: Go big or go home

According to Wood Industry’s November 2014 survey, 79 percent of Canadian respondents expect revenue growth this year — a figure that approximates a similar survey in the States by the Milwaukee, Wisc.,-based Cabinet Makers Association (CMA). There, just over 86 percent of respondents to the CMA’s survey said they are anticipating revenue growth this year. Today, that growth could come from almost anywhere on the globe. This may be the year, as the saying goes, to “go big or go home.” If you rea … Read More