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Random orbit sander with corded power

The M18 random orbit sander from Milwaukee Tool is said to be capable of reaching 12,000 opm and has corded power. The 7,000 to 12,000 opm electronic variable speed control provides the versatility to optimize speed for material removal and finish work, the company says. The dust canister provides a durable dust containment solution, while … [Read More...]

Secured storage provides efficiency and security on the jobsite

Jobsite storage equipment specialist Knaack has introduced the Knaack Cart Armour for commercial construction and residential contractors that need secured storage solutions that are easy to access. The product is an interlocking steel paneling system that encloses mobile work carts to secure contents from theft. Installed in less than 15 … [Read More...]


Architect-ready: Windows respond to high-end demands

When architects want to wow a high-end budget client, giant windows and craftsman doors can make a satisfying statement about status, taste and function. Loewen Windows and Doors of Steinbach, Man., … Read More

Another box builder? No.

Quality hums at custom cabinet shop Nestled in a leafy family neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Man., custom cabinet shop Mosiac Millwork has been serving the local high-end residential market for 13 … Read More

Old world technical ingenuity at home on the prairie

The land in southern Manitoba may be flat as a billiard table, but the ambition here is a mountainous as the Rockies. Over generations, Germans and other immigrants have exercised their wood … Read More


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Constructive dismissal: Firing can go both ways

When a business is humming along, and workers are all pulling in the same direction, employers might never give a second thought to a disgruntled employee lurking behind a bench. What did you do to cause such resentment? Was it a job reassignment? Or was a much-younger supervisor put in place that put a nose out of joint? There are many reasons a business — your shop, even — might face a “constructive dismissal” suit by an employee. In a nutshell, this is when the employee is “firing” the … Read More

U.S. District Court, industry, back formaldehyde emission standards

Remarkable cooperation After years of industry associations cooperating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on formaldehyde emission standards, a recent position reversal by the EPA prompted a court decision to allow the rollout of the standards to continue, but at slower pace. On February 16, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued an order granting plaintiffs’, the Sierra Club and A Community Voice-Louisiana, motion for summary judgment. … Read More

FOCUS ON EXPORTS 2018: Prosperity over the horizon

Many wood-industry manufacturers have businesses that do well in their own back yards — where customers are never farther than a tank of gas in the company pickup truck. But there comes a time when a cabinetmaker or furniture manufacturer wants to expand beyond its municipality to the next province or even another country. To just ramp up production and hope for the best in new markets is, of course, foolhardy without a solid plan in place. Luckily, wood-products manufacturers in Canada can … Read More

Family business, Costa Rica style

Dropping out of the clouds over San José, Costa Rica, you get the feeling you are a long way from Canada. The view includes a few modern buildings, but many of the residences are walled and you discover as you drive past in your rental car that the walls are commonly topped with razor wire — a reminder that Costa Rica is low-crime and low-risk for tourists, but has its local problems with pilfering and burglary. Out of town and headed north on Hwy. 1, the Pan-American Highway, the impression … Read More