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Getting more current

Mirka has expanded its range of Deros 220- to 240-volt handheld, orbital sanders with a new 100- to 120-volt model for the North American electrical current. The Deros line of lightweight, variable-speed (4,000 to 10,000 rpm) sanders come with both five- and six-inch pads. Air channels leading to the center of the backing pads increase airflow and … [Read More...]

E-letter: Several good-news stories

Statistics Canada yesterday reported an overall increase in building permits over September of 0.7 percent. Residential permits nation-wide edged down 0.9 percent, and total nonresidential permits increased 2.4 percent. The increase was led this time by the industrial sector, and, while our sector typically watches nonresidential commercial and … [Read More...]

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Lovech MDF Doors and Custom Products

It is December—that time of year when the Toronto Maple Leafs traditionally start to tank heading into the second half of the hockey season. But Emile Pironkov doesn’t care that his beloved team has … Read More


Andex Kitchens and Custom Woodworking

Chris Moura talks so passionately, proudly and astutely about how he has built his kitchen cabinetry and custom woodworking business, you would never know that he never really intended to get into the … Read More

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QTK Fine Cabinetry

Building cabinets is building a brand   Passion resonates in Daniel Toto’s voice, and in his steel-grey eyes. The passion, you discover, is for the family business and making it a bit more s … Read More


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Getting on board with barcoding

In 2014, barcoding turned 66. And it’s more ubiquitous, more advanced, and plays a more vital role, than ever before. Perhaps more than barcoding inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver ever imagined. Silver was a young grad student at the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia in 1948. He overheard a conversation and blazed the trail for today’s barcoding technology. Silver heard the owner of a local food-store chain ask one of the institute’s deans a question. Would he do resea … Read More

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Custom versus custom

It is rather like standing at an unmarked crossroad in the middle of nowhere and trying to determine whether both roads lead to the same place, whether they go off in entirely different directions or whether one road ends abruptly at a precipice. When it comes to the future of fine wood craftsmanship design and production versus computer-designed and CNC-machined pieces, it seems they are two paths destined, for the most part, to continue their separate ways. But they’ll also continue crossing.  … Read More

Jul-Aug 2014 Wood Industry cover

BOLD market opportunity: U.S. and beyond

Canadian secondary wood manufacturers have been squeezed in recent years. While demand from construction has been booming, importers from China and elsewhere have crowded much of the marketplace. The rising Canadian dollar, the U.S. housing bubble, limited international trade, and even inter-provincial trade barriers have often forced Canadian producers to keep their target markets local. But much of that is now changing, and Canadian wood shops can only benefit from these bold new … Read More

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Can’t find help? Look at home.

New labour prospects could be hoping for a second chance ... and living next door Canada’s wood industry is in desperate need of skilled workers, and has been for a long time. Jim is a skilled worker looking for work in Canada’s wood industry. He is trained, loves working with wood, and would love nothing more than to do it for a living. But nobody will hire Jim. It’s not because he’s too old. It’s not because he’s a bad worker. It’s because he’s living in a halfway house and has a criminal re … Read More