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Secondary, or second class?

The other day, we heard about the signing of a new free-trade deal, this time with South Korea. According to the government, the South Korean deal means, “Forestry and value-added wood products: (emphasis added) duties on 85 percent of tariff lines will be eliminated.” This, of course, begs the question: what portion is value-added, and what does va … [Read More...]

spray and wipe

Spray and wipe

For Sherwin-Williams, the introduction of two of its stain solutions means wood finishers that need to reduce or eliminate emissions in their finishing operations no longer have to compromise application and appearance expectations. The WB-S spray stain and WB-W wiping stain are formulated with raw materials that are reported to contain no VOCs … [Read More...]

Wood in the spotlight

“What is in a name?” Juliet Capulet famously asked. The answer, she discovered is deeper than she thought. For a man, the easy part of the answer starts with a physical description – height, weight, hair and eye colour... The stuff others need to confirm an identity. But it goes on. For example, each man is a financial person, and a bank or br … [Read More...]

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Profile Crescent 1

Crescent Cabinet, Hamilton, Ont.

Everything old is new again Crescent Cabinet is an old factory in an old, industrialized area of old and grey Hamilton, Ont. But don’t let that fool you. Like the other facades surrounding it, the e … Read More

Talar and Jean-Claude Préfontaine. “We are partners.”

Préfontaine Handcrafted Furniture, Calgary: A perfect fit

It is hard not to think of warmth driving south out of Calgary in December. On your right are the Canadian Rockies — a forbidding barrier even in modern times; a threat to life to the early migrants. O … Read More

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Eastwood Wood Specialties

When asked about his family roots, Ferd Neufeld, president of Eastwood Wood Specialties in St. Catharines, Ont., goes way back to early 20th century Prussia, a region of Germany, where his Mennonite … Read More


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Big enough for gold medals, big enough for Europe

New trade agreements mean new offshore opportunity for Canadian manufacturers Canada’s wood industry has changed — probably forever. Competition from importers has made the domestic market far more competitive. A more expensive Canadian dollar has made exporting a challenge. A forever-recovering U.S. economy has sidelined a once-powerhouse buyer of Canadian goods. As a result, Canadian manufacturers have been forced to scramble for new markets. The Canadian government has obliged by engaging i … Read More

Jan-Feb 2014 Wood Industry cover

Accidents happen: Are you prepared?

On New Year’s Day, 2009, Deslaurier Custom Cabinets of Renfrew, Ont., received a phone call that didn’t start off with “Happy New Year.” Instead, the voice on the other end of the line asked: “Did you hear about the fire at the plant?” These are words that no wood shop owner ever wants to hear, but it was the reality facing Denis Staples, Deslaurier’s president, who, instead of ringing in the New Year alongside friends and family, was standing over a destroyed building (pictured) and countless … Read More

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Reader survey 2013

Canada's industry weighs in, Wood Industry listens I have to confess, I really enjoy the surveys. We say we are doing it for editorial perspective and to help you understand the industry, and we are. However, I get a real kick out of the kaleidoscope effect of picking apart numbers and seeing what the pattern is. First, methodology. Our random sample this year was 725 e-surveys that were delivered and opened, and 149 responses, for a response rate of 20.6 percent. As with everything else … Read More

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Match people with process

Logistics equations that succeed include the human factor Automation has changed the way Canada’s wood industry works. What once was done by hand and tool, or much simpler machinery — and often by more than one person — can now be done with the flick of a switch on a CNC panel.  Has this revolution resulted in the end of the role human beings play in this country’s wood shops? No. Instead, people now produce quality goods differently at reduced costs to deliver value to customers. After all … Read More