Automated push feed saw station reduces scrap

TigerStopThe TigerSaw 1000 from TigerStop is an automated push feed saw station for cutting faster and more accurately than manual methods.

It increases yield, accuracy and productivity at the best value point in the industry, the company says.

The unit comes with an adjustable cutting envelope so users can set the envelope to the needed width of the material they are cutting, whether single piece flow or pack.

The push feed saw can handle large pack loads up to 2,100 lb when using the HeavyDuty 2 pusher. Its Dynamic Optimization software is said to provide the best yield by determining the optimal cutting order from the parts list.

The unit’s Crayon Defect Marking allows the removal of defects (knots, wane, discoloration) from material in-house, for even greater savings, the company says.