Cabinet-making CNC machine tool for routing, drilling

AxyzDesigned for the cabinet making and woodworking industry, the Optimus CNC machine tool from Axyz is said offer a customized configuration, dedicated support and a range of specially designed machine options to ensure a cabinetmaker’s or woodworker’s job is easier.

The CNC machine handles widths from 49.5 to 74.5 in., lengths from 96 in. to 20 ft, and has a high-power router and gang drill. The unit combines a routing spindle and multiple drill head, and has an optional automatic material handling system for optimum productivity, freeing up production workers’ times for other tasks.

Its routing spindle and multiple drill head allows for machining all types of wood, the company says.

An aluminum vacuum bed with innovative auto zone management is also said to provide efficient and secure material hold down.