Comments by respondents to 2012 Reader Survey

Question: What do you like about Wood Industry, and you would like to see us retain?

The editorials are the best.

I like the practical, how-to articles about woodwork companies.

Please keep on giving us your unbiased opinions; it is the reason why I read only your magazine.

Don’t lose the originality of your editorials. I always enjoy reading them!

I do like the Paul Epp articles, but it would be nice to get a second opinion or feature some rebuttal from some furniture maker like Klaus Nienkamper.

The editorial comments and attitude.

As above.

I reiterate: the editorial is the best part of the magazine. Not the fact that it can be controversial, but the fact that you say things others are scared to say. Way too many in the mainstream media present only one side of the story. That’s fine if it’s presented as opinion, but not so good if presented as news. Keep up the good work.

I like the specific topic and specialization

The content is good but your editors attitude is awful. People can see a hidden agenda such as yours… (This is the same respondent that said our questions are not factual. We hate hidden agendas and will try to be more direct. — Editor)

All good.

Kerry Knudsen’s ass-kicking articles.

As is.

Write-ups on successful operations.

I like your business profiles. What is working/not working.

Stay spicy, uncover myths, reports on shops big and small. (Really small ones are very inventive.) Just ask any shop about their latest problem and the solution they found for it, and you have an article interesting for everybody else. (We could not agree more. — Editor)

Paul Epp’s article. It’s a good mix now – not much to change.

Get ideas. Knudsen’s column.

I like the whole magazine, but my preference goes to the editorial.

Don’t change anything.

Keep it up.

Ok with the content.

I am satisfied.

Canadian wood products doing well outside Canada.

The format of the magazine and its articles should remain the same. Good thing going… why mess with it?

Technical updates.

Retain your independence!

You’ve really hit the nail on the head with WMC …but you’re simply scraping the surface …theres’ very little reporting within that organisation, no membership power for all us ‘’suppliers, clients’, that are managing large amounts of money ( tax money !)

Keep the independent commentary. Freedom of speech and comment, etc. Even if I don’t always agree with it.

It is a good size, not too long. I love the editorials.

Canadian content is great, especially ads from suppliers that I would actually buy from. Profiles of wood shops are always interesting – keep everything!

I just like it!

I like the stats provided and features on companies on how they run their plants.

I love your editorials.

New products.

There isn’t much I would change except to include some reporting on smaller, specialty-job shops. Some reporting on outsourcing and how it can affect a business’s ability to expand its market, market share, and profitability.


I really enjoy the design column. Would like to see more on this subject. Would like to see articles and information on resources for the 1-5 man shops and custom woodworkers.

More information on retail stores

Really like seeing the focus on end companies in the industry.

New ideas.

I like the Canadian content.


Take a page from INC magazine. They do a neat thing where they have a wide picture of something and then they target who made/built the products. Hard to explain, but it is a neat feature.

I like your independent point of view.

I like that it speaks for the small shops.

Overall good magazine and content- otherwise would not spend 15 – 45 min. or more going through it.


Ok the way it is.

The first item I always read is Kerry Knudsen. I just love the way he says things and does not seem to be scared of anybody in the industry. I also like profiles.

Kerry Knudsen’s column – best part of the magazine and I forward it to a manufacturer in the U.S.

I like the original Editorial by Kerry and some others by Paul Epp etc. I don’t look at the HR side much but for the rest, I find most articles worthwhile. However, above all, I want to see Kerry’s thoughts!


Question: What is Wood Industry lacking editorially that we can provide, or what would you like to see changed or removed?


Nothing. I am happy.

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

Maybe a section for analyzing a piece of furniture, or a wooden toy, or some wooden utensil, etc.

Greatly enjoy the editorial comments although I almost always disagree with Kerry’s personal views.

Good as is; more of the same.

Dunno. I like it the way it is.

Cover more artists, ingenious solutions and creativity, more coverage of conventional, low-tech shops and hand working.

Add the occasional small shop (2 – 5 workers) article.

The questions regarding the WMC are misleading, not factual, and quite frankly an insult to your readers…

Your suggestion of daily content, but what would it be I wonder?

No change.

Ok as is.

One/two man shop info. We are existing too!

Keep the editorial, absolutely.

Nothing I can think of.

I like all of it.

More information on wood products research and studies.

Keep going the way it is. Love every minute of it.

More on wood markets.

Just fine.

Have more editorial authors in various sectors of the value chain.

Possibly owners doing maybe 2 pieces per year.

Just more … a thicker magazine?

More problem solving advice, such as how to fix problems with finishes, machining (i.e. tear out or tolerances), etc.

Experiences with designers and architects and general contractors. Shine a light on this often difficult relationship, its shortfalls and benefits. What is common practice and where do the three disconnect on a regular basis? From budget to design changes, from scheduling to communication breakdowns, from responsibilities to the (un-)practicality of a design and how to build it?

Quality verses quantity. The balance between volume and its loss of quality control versus the small run and studio shops.

Examine emotionless manufacturing from meaningful work imbued with the pride of Canadian work ethics and ideals, passion. Do we make better money just doing our job and not caring too much, not questioning details too much – just establish a standard and stick with it.

Millwork verses furniture making – why is it so hard to get paid fairly for freestanding furniture versus built-in cabinetry? …perceived value?

The pros and cons of wholesale versus direct or mass versus one-offs

Delivery, on site and installation problems. All is good in the shop and then the product goes on site, (possibly) getting damaged by sub-trades, pressured into installation schedules that impede work flow etc. That is just reality – deal with it or take a stand?

What is considered innovation and how much to invest into design, product development, prototyping and what ratio/percentage on return justifies that effort?

Quotes or estimates. How can you price a design that seems to change all the time during the process? Give the worst-case scenario and risk losing the bid, or project optimistically and battle for every budget increase when a change occurs?

Having listed all these, I have my experience and opinions but, as always, am interested in the ‘norm’ or what others have to say. Is there a standard or does each one of us battle on their own with these issues sharing only over a beer at the Pub after work?

We are a picture-frame moulding company and would like to see some articles on that part. Yes I look at picture framing mag, but I like to see how they combine with tables, cabinets, wall decor.

This all comes together to make a finished production which is a home.

Ok as is.

Coverage and reviews of Micro-businesses, 1 – 5 man shops working in niche specialties.

More focus on smaller businesses

Non-biased machinery and manufacturing systems and solutions.

Information on educational facilities and training courses to assist young entrepreneurs to get into small wood shops.

Would love to see supplier editorials.

Quite satisfied as is.

Works as is

I build log homes. Does that answer your question?

I like the editorial which informs me about some of the stuff going on in our sector, especially the bull shit with the WMC. I wish there was more West Coast based articles (BC). Too eastern-based. (Ontario is not the center of the universe!) (Ouch! We travel the country to do profiles, attend meetings and shows and research features. If we had our choice, we would live in Edmonton. However, most of the industry’s suppliers, association headquarters and, frankly, manufacturing facilities, are in Ontario. We’re stuck, here, but accept dinner invitations. — Editor)

It’s all good.

More discussion on how design can be integrated into manufacturing instead of the usual boring product that is manufactured in this country.

I would like to see more current and latest news – real news. Your website would be a good place for this. Not much there now.

More diverse wood product representation from framing materials for construction through the finished products.

Ok the way it is.

Shops that are buying new or used equipment.

What was the machine for? What was the problem to get it up and running? What was the end profit by that particular piece? More automation or more profit at the end of day? Was it a good investment? …. Stories like that could help somebody decide or choose his options. (These are excellent points. However, each of those answers is really within the expertise of the supplier selling the equipment. We are magazine guys, and, while we definitely know the difference between a widebelt sander and a case of orbital sanders, we are not in a position to say which would be best for your situation. I imagine we could really irritate some shop owners if we tried. — Editor)

More commercial millwork content.