Corner cabinet shelving systems

VauthSagel_CORNERSTONE_MAXX_1Vauth-Sagel has created a new shelving line consisting of two models: Cornerstone and Cornerstone Maxx.

Cornerstone is said to be an all-rounder with symmetrical shelves that are easy to fit — in some cases, not even tools are required.

The second variant, Cornerstone Maxx, comes equipped with two asymmetrical shelves for more storage space.

Capable of supporting up to 25 kg, the units are designed to cope with heavy loads and are height-adjustable even after they have been fitted.

Although the shelves swivel such a long way out of their cabinet, they remain entirely in front of their own carcass — with the advantage that they do not obstruct access to neighboring cabinets or the dishwasher.

In addition, the opening angle of 85º has been optimized to prevent contact with other cabinet fronts, handles and walls.