Designed for big CNC jobs

WI0315-00027-multirex7125-loresOne of Holz-Her’s newest CNC machine is the five-axis Multirex 7125 Flex. It’s built for a wide variety of demanding jobs such as cutting panel materials and solid wood. Machining length is 5.4 metres. With this length capacity, it handles even large door components easily, says Holz-her. Y-axis lengths are 1.4 or 1.6 metres. The 7125 has a Z-stroke of 565 millimetres. The unit can be configured with the X-Move table, which provides automatic console positioning. As well, the VarioDrive table is available as an upgrade. It provides precision control when moving suction cups or frame clamps. All the axes move synchronously, minimizing conversion time. The Multirex 7125 can handle workpieces up to 210 millimetres in height from the top of the suction cups.


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