Designed for first-timers

FELDER woodworking machines from Format Sliding Table Saws to DuFelder’s new AD741 Jointer Planer is designed to be an entry-level machine for your shop. It features a planing width of 16 inches, and planing heights from 1/8 inch to nine inches. Can be configured with a 5.5, 7.5 or 10.5 hp motor and an available two- or four-inch cutter block. Both configurations provide fast, easy knife changes, with no resin build-up on clamping screws. Wood chip removal can be adjusted continuously up to 1/8 inch. The unit has a large chip-extraction hood, and a trigger switch for dust-collection start. To help reduce machinery noise in your shop, the AD741 can be configured with Felder’s Silent-Power Spiral Cutterblock. It reduces noise emissions from the unit by 50 percent.


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