Edge banders allow automation of setup process

The Flexa 47XE edgebanding machine from Casadei Busellato with controlled axis is said to allow complete automation of the set-up process and increase of productivity, thanks to the elimination of setting times of the units according to the required processing.

The company has also announced increased performance for Flexa 207 Super and Flexa 307 with the new rounding unit “A2 Super” that allow to process up to 60 mm.

Available on its range of Flexa 47, Flexa 207 Super and Flexa 307 machines, the edge gluing system with hot air “Air Jet Package” is also said to assure perfect finishing, especially on edge with same colour of the panel.

The system does not use glue but specific edges, with decorative layer and functional layer with adhesive properties, that allows the edge application on the panel.