Edgebanding presses have multiple heating elements

Hoffmann-USAThe Mobil 2500 and 3000 series edgebanding presses from Hoffmann are designed to quickly and precisely attach solid wood edges to panels made of common sheet goods such as MDF, particleboard and plywood.

Units are equipped with two heating elements and two (2500 series) or three (3000 series) pneumatic clamping stations.

Each station features two horizontal clamping cylinders to secure the panels and two vertical short-stroke cylinders to pull the panels down onto the edgebanding.

Standard white or yellow PVA glue is used in combination with the adjustable heating elements to attach up to 2 in. thick and up to 4 in. tall solid wood edges without the need for special glue, splines or additional fasteners.

Glue bonds strong enough to remove the panel from the press are achieved in about one minute on 1 in. thick wood edges, with less time needed for thinner stock.