Finding the right router

SONY DSCGeneral International has added two new CNC routers to its I-Carver line: the 40-925X 15-inch by 20-inch CNC carving machine; and the large 40-946 24-inch by 36-inch CNC carving machine. Both units come with General’s I-Picture and Artcam Express software, a pendant-style controller and a starter cutting tool kit. The 0.8-horsepower, 6,000-20,000 rpm motors feature an easy start-up procedure. Cutting speeds are variable up to 236 inches per minute. The 40-925X includes a full safety enclosure. A CNC tooling kit and stand for the unit are optional. The large 40-946 router includes a stand. A safety enclosure, CNC tooling kit and dust collection adapter kit are optional accessories.


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