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What a spring!

The river behind the house is back down, and the mink family across the river is getting ready to start its fishing lessons. We haven’t seen the pups, yet, but it’s time.

Kerry Knudsen
Kerry Knudsen

We have orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, cardinals and hummingbirds on the feeders pretty much nonstop. In all, a wonderful spring. And spring is the season for growth. Speaking of which ….

Wood Industry is happy to welcome Alain Albert to the team as our all-things-digital contributor. We have been searching for years to find a credible, knowledgeable, energized and interested digital writer, and have been watching Albert for years. Those of you that enjoy Wood Industry know we always shoot for excellence and reader service, and Albert fills that bill. An industry insider with an architectural background, you will find Albert’s prefatory column on page 16. Your days of fretting over software-compliance costs are over. That means growth for you, and growth for the wood industry.

Hand-in-hand with Albert’s arrival, we have finally found the software interface we have been searching for so our web readers can interact with each other, as well as with the magazine. It will be searchable with a massive database, as always, but now, in addition to being able to post one-off comments about a column, editorial or feature, you can now interact with each other on topics you can choose and initiate yourself. We will break with protocol one time, with the promised fore-warning, and send an independent e-blast when it is ready to “go live,” and that will have all the details.

Yes, we do have a Facebook page.

However, we have never maintained it, since we object to Facebook’s policies of stuffing irrelevant advertising up your nose when you don’t want it and passing all your private data on to Google. As per our long-standing policies, we will maintain a fierce firewall against outside worms, trojans, phishing and other malicious stupidity, and we will never sell or distribute your data outside our company. We need a quiet place to chat. Let’s just hope it’s not as quiet as Linked- In and other so-called industry-specific bulletin boards. If somebody in Saskatchewan wants to know how much fasteners or labour costs in New Brunswick, this will be the place to ask. More growth.

Big news: the AWFS show is working with us, again, to put on the best Canada Night soirée EVER.

We already have the sponsors to make this happen, so it’s a “go,” and additional sponsorship money will go back into the show, as always, to provide a bigger and better, more fun event. This is Canada’s 150th anniversary year, so we are looking forward to seeing every Canadian at the show on July 19, right after the show closes, for free (sponsored) Canadian beer and hors d’ouvres. We will have Canadian videos going in the background and you can meet-and-greet with others across Canada, but in Vegas. We need to give a special shout-out to Doucet and Thermwood, distributed in Canada by CNC Automation, as well as Accuride, Bessey, Salice and Weima for their early and enthusiastic support.

Once again this year, Wood Industry is teaming up with Xylexpo and the Italian Trade Commission to send two lucky Canadian manufacturers on an expenses-paid trip to Milan next May for Xylexpo. New this year: Every manufacturing attendee at Canada Night in Vegas will receive an entry form for the free trips, with the draw to be held at the Wood Industry booth at WMS in November.

Finally, Wood Industry is presenting a first-ever Manufacturers’ Roundtable during the first week of November. With thousands of our readers in Mississauga for the show, we will assemble off-site one evening and close the doors to all but us. In that venue, manufacturers will submit written topics and I, as moderator, will present the topics for discussion. This is NOT a venue for an editor to spout off. I will call on respondents, and each topic will be addressed by your peers from across Canada. As with Canada Night, each attendee will receive an entry form to be added to the Italy trip draw later in the week.

How about that?

Nothing but growth, and I didn’t mention Trump even once.


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