IIDEX Woodshop call for submissions

Some of the offerings on display at last year’s Woodshop at IIDEX.

IIDEX Canada is now seeking submissions for its annual Woodshop event, which will showcase 15 innovative wood prototypes that utilize Toronto’s untapped ash wood resource. The event is held during the IIDEX trade show.  Our own Paul Epp was a judge for last year’s Woodshop. Ash trees, in particular in the Toronto area, have been devastated by the Emerald Ash Borer. Over 200,000 trees are expected to be brought down within the next five years. So, submissions to Woodshop will help reduce the number of ash trees headed to the landfill. Last year’s Woodshop included some interesting items (see photo) on exhibit at IIDEX. This is your chance to make this year’s version an even better one. Click here for more details.


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