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Workers from abroad

By Dennis Furlan The year 2010 saw 283,096 temporary foreign workers come to Canada, which is the most in our country’s history. As NDP leader Jack Layton said to Conservative Stephen Harper during this year’s election debates: “Why so many temporary foreign workers? We’ve got more of them coming in than immigrants.” This is true. […]

Kraemer Woodcraft, St. Jacobs, Ont.

Built on Trust and Change If you enter “Canada’s heritage” into Google, you will get back over seven million “hits,” or results. None of them appear to “get it.” The first return is for the Canadian government’s Heritage Canada program for magazines. This is where millions of tax dollars are given to magazines that have […]

May 2011 e-letter

Ruth Ellen Brosseau said her victory in the southern Quebec riding of Berthier-Maskinongé came as a “shock” because she “wasn’t really expecting to win.” We assume the people that voted for her are equally shocked to learn she has never been there, and is “nervous” about speaking French. The CBC has posted a question: Is […]