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Pro help can drive business

Design — with help from more than friends Wood industry shops across Canada utilize in-house design skills from a variety of sources. Whether someone is pulling double- or triple-duty on the floor, or a relative with a knack for the aesthetic, well-designed wood products get produced in this country. However, sometimes getting a little help […]

Ensuring new workers have desired skills

Prior learning   Building upon the recent successful completion of its first prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) project, the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC) is undertaking a new initiative in this very important area. The new project, entitled “Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for the Advanced Wood Manufacturing Sector – Phase II”, will respond to […]

Pilon Kitchens, Campbell’s Bay, Que.

Plan for success We should all have such problems …. According to Gerard Pilon, partner and production manager in Campbell’s Bay, Que.,-based Pilon Kitchens, “We have plenty of work – too much work, and it looks like we will never run out of work.” This situation has driven Pilon to bring on his nephew, Tim […]

You are fired!!

I have been fired from or quit every job I ever had but one. I imagine that is true for you, as well. I believe before you get in a position where you have to fire somebody, you should have been fired, yourself. There are two reasons: 1) then you know how it feels; and […]