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Kitchens by Paul Holden, Stirling, Ont.

Prosperity, according to plan While recessions are hard on companies, they are really hard on people. Therefore, when Quaker Oats in Trenton, Ont., closed its doors in 1994, people found themselves cut loose with a severance and no plan. According to Stirling, Ont.-based Paul Holden, owner of Kitchens by Paul Holden, some of those ran […]

Logistics: Right time, right place, right cost

LOGISTICS FOCUS 2011 Logistics is one of those terms that seems to have a different definition depending on who is asked. In war, logistics can literally mean the difference between life and death as armies scramble to keep supply lines open and troops marching. However, in business, and particularly in the secondary wood processing industry, […]

How important is the knowledge of history, anyway?

The video age has brought recent history into the present, it seems, and, while everybody has seen the public-domain newsreel footage of frozen corpses on Germany’s Eastern Front, the attitude I get from viewers is that they’re no more impressed than if seeing a new special effect. However, unlike a hockey game or action movie, […]