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Hawthorne Kitchens, Winnipeg, Man.

An old, 1990s-vintage computer monitor sits on a desk in the corner of the administrative work area at Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Hawthorne Kitchens. Looking fat, elephantine and grey, it hearkens back to another time, sitting amid the otherwise modern array of flat-screen, high-definition monitors at other work stations. Old as it may be, it still works, […]

Safety and Compliance 101

A starter’s — or refresher’s — guide for the secondary wood processing industry The wood industry is a constantly evolving one. Some of you might be newcomers to wood processing, or even to Canada. Others are industry veterans. Either way, knowledge of safety and compliance can be elusive. What do you have to know? Where […]

Let’s get engaged

Hunting gets a bad rap. Some of life’s great lessons come while hunting, and they rarely have anything to do with the kill. For example, it was only when I had spent days in a tree stand one winter, watching the woods, that it dawned on me the birds seldom came up to my level. […]