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Thinking outside the box

Finding new ways to close the skills gap How many times have we heard there is a skills shortage in the wood industry? There is plenty of work for the taking, but not enough taking by qualified job seekers. This is a structural problem that goes beyond our industry and pervades skilled trades across the […]

King Furniture

Let quality 
speak for itself King Furniture is located about an hour north of the Greater Toronto Area; just outside Orangeville, or it might be Laurel. We’re still not sure. The company doesn’t have a website, so its location can’t be found there. A Google search turns up a couple of yellow pages-style directory listings, […]

Natural form

The evolving nature of design It is often said that form follows function, but it rarely does — at least not that simply. Form follows many other things: convenience, efficiency, geometry, propriety, habit, whimsy and, predominantly among many others, it follows fashion. The forms we give to those things we make must be agreeable to […]

May 2012 e-letter

May could turn out to be the biggest month ever in the history of marketing. Of special note, Facebook is launching its initial public offering (IPO) of stock, which is expected to raise over $10 billion in revenue and bring the company’s market capitalization to nearly $100 billion – roughly the entire GDP of Qatar. […]