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Marshall’s Custom Cabinetry

Respect people and they’ll respect you — and your business “I just want to treat others the way I would want to be treated, too.” This basic restatement of the golden rule is a sentiment that has sustained Brian Marshall of Marshall’s Custom Cabinetry in Ancaster, Ont., through the growing pains — and now the […]

Survey, party and Parti

Each October, Wood Industry sends a survey to the recipients of our e-letter, and the results are reported in our November/December issue. The questions in the survey are things that come up throughout the year from readers. In the past, we have asked about the internet credibility, in-content advertising and employee involvement with social media. […]

Discrimination law

Terminating for legitimate business reasons By Michelle MacGillivray and Evan VanDyk When deciding to terminate an individual’s employment, many employers are unaware of the potential human rights implications of this decision. A terminated employee who believes that the decision to terminate their employment may have been based on a prohibited ground of discrimination (such as […]

Few ‘favourite things’ except for … Walnut

I am sometimes asked what my favourite wood is, because it’s known that I know something about wood, and that I’ve worked with it. It always strikes me as a kind of silly question, like what my favourite colour is, or favourite food is, or favourite music is. I don’t like to answer that kind […]

Let’s hear from the designers

Designers are not  decorators,  says Sally Mills, and if you don’t know that, you don’t know the law. According to Mills, “We are not interior decorators. We are extensively trained and registered to design space within a construction environment. People are sometimes unaware of the complexities involved in building something — anything. Not only do […]

Pimp your own ride

According to Scott Nelson, president of the Wood Career Alliance of North America, in the next years we will see more entrepreneurs coming out of the trades than out of four-year institutions. I wish I’d said that. Let’s test it. There has never been a day of my adult life that I was not a […]