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Lock into logistics

The ins and outs of efficiency — today! You may “love logistics,” as current UPS ads insist, but you may be lonely in your amour. In fact, according to Bob Armstrong, president of Armstrong Trade and Logistics Advisory Services (ATLAS) and president of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation North America, “I’m not sure if […]

Mongolian Death Worms

Carrying forward from our last e-letter and Advertising Age magazine, Ad Age reported survey results in a recent newsletter claiming marketers rank right down there with politicians in terms of respectability. That would put them alongside journalists and lawyers in terms of social respect. According to Ad Age, only PR professionals rate lower. Of course, […]

Swaine Street Woodworking

Fresh face in a traditional trade Rats motivated Jana Bookholt to take up cabinet making. As she describes it, “It’s not a pleasant story to tell, but these pests got into my kitchen. After calling the exterminator, I was determined to not have it happen again. My solution was to replace the old, decaying cabinets […]

Reader Survey Report 2012

This year’s Readers’ Survey was a huge success, but there is an elephant in the room, so let’s get rid of that first. We asked three questions about the Wood Manufacturing Council’s (WMC) support of our competitor, and we got a decisive response. We reported the results to the WMC and offered a week to […]

Comments by respondents to 2012 Reader Survey

Question: What do you like about Wood Industry, and you would like to see us retain? The editorials are the best. I like the practical, how-to articles about woodwork companies. Please keep on giving us your unbiased opinions; it is the reason why I read only your magazine. Don’t lose the originality of your editorials. […]

Christmas Eve tragedy

Criminalizing employer conduct By Jeremy Warning and Christina Hall Employers across Canada should be aware of the possible implications arising from the recent guilty plea to corporate criminal negligence charges by Metron Construction Corporation. The guilty plea was entered in an Ontario courtroom on July 13, 2012, and Metron was sentenced to pay a $200,000 […]

Up the creek

Only wood does the job I found myself, a bit surprisingly, walking down the street in the morning with a canoe paddle in my hand. Fortunately, it was a well-made paddle, with a good balance so that I could easily and lightly carry it, blade to the back and grip pointing forward. It teetered there […]

Hope and change

We are only hours away from blissful silence, such as we have not seen since 2010. The Americans are nearly done electing a president. However, at the moment, Romney and Obama are running neck-and-neck, or so say the polls. We’re not done, yet. It’s a horse race. Think about that. What can it mean? I’m […]