Archives for January 2013

Light weight spray gun

A key feature of the new Graco G40 air-assisted spray gun is its ability to very its spray pattern significantly without changing tips, simply by rotating the fan pattern adjustment knob. Rated at 4,000 psi, the G40 is designed for higher-pressure industrial applications, yet the guns are light in weight and have a light trigger […]

UV wood coater

The Dubois UV Mist Coater applies 100 percent solid UV coating to wood substrates and is designed to achieve a conventional-coating appearance. The 100 percent solid UV coating eliminates all VOCs, reduces exhaust air, reduces air make-up and reduces the amount of floor space required for finishing. Features include fixed spray guns with initial set-up […]

In-line moulding stacker

The Cefla RotoPlus in-line moulding stacker is a material-handling system designed to automate the transport and stacking of finished workpieces from a moulding-finishing line. The RotoPlus features a roller infeed section, up to five support arms, and moveable trolley loading racks. Available in both stacking and loading configurations. For more information click: Cefla Finishing Canada

Air-spray and airless coatings

The Binks Mag HVLP automatic air-spray gun and the Mag AA automatic air-assisted airless spray gun are designed to offer high transfer efficiency in a manifold mount for quick and easy configuration. Both are suited for such multi-gun finishing equipment as rotary machines, reciprocators or fixed, chain-on-edge systems in high-production environments. Both designs provide an […]

Table-top foiler

Oval, serpentine and other random parts with limited edge shapes can now be precisely foiled with the FM 85 table top foiler from Fletcher Machine. To change shapes and profiles, simply change patterns and wheels. The form is held in sync with the part by a pneumatic pressure roller, and is propelled by a variable […]

Transfer digital images onto wood veneer

Nicholson and Cates is pleased to introduce its newest product Decoplaque which transfers digital images onto wood veneer through sublimation. Decoplaque is produced in four by eight foot paperback veneer form and sanded to a 320 grit level. The product is adhered to a substrate using water based glue if applied in a press or […]

Spray system for moulding

The Dubois Moulding Spray System from Dubois Equipment applies and cures 100 percent solids UV coating on multiple shaped parts up to 12 inches wide and of any length. A variety of different parts can be fed through the machine in random order without any setup changes. This system eliminates the need for templates used […]

Metering/mixing system

The Cyclomix electronic two component metering/mixing system from Exel is designed to ensure mixing accuracy while minimizing dead zones and flush waste. This user-friendly system is fully monitored and the mixing ratio, material usage, pot life time and VOC emissions are displayed on the screen. Autowash controls are standard, and by adding the Autowash panel, […]

Reciprocating spray line

Superfici America has recently introduced a new, compact reciprocating spray line. The machine sprays up to four-foot widths and is equipped with dual spray arms, a pressurized spray cabin, a belt cleaning device with a reclaim trolley and a PLC to control the timing and over-spray of the spray guns. Any type of coating product […]

Curing oven

The 3-D UV Oven from Dubois provides even dosage and peak intensity across the full width of the conveyor belt and on all product surfaces while the UV light focuses on the top and edges for more efficient curing. Product quality is improved by eliminating over cure and excess h eat on the top surface. […]