Archives for January 2013

In-line moulding sprayer

The ProfiPlus in-line moulding sprayer from Cefla applies a wide variety of coatings to moulding, profiles and linear components up to 12 inches wide For more information click: Cefla Finishing Canada

Liquid spray finishing system

The ruggedly built Comet 3-B pump outfit from Binks is a complete finishing system designed for high-volume, single- or multi-gun wood and metal applications. The system includes: a Comet air motor, a B fluid section with all stainless steel wetted components, fluid pressure-relief valve, an AA-1500 or airless 1 spray gun and a siphon kit, […]

Entry-level dosing control system

Exel introduces the Kremlin Cyclomix Micro Electronic 2K System. This entry-level, electronic, dosing-control system features a volumetric ratio range of 0.6 to 20:1 and can be used on all spray technologies. The system continuously monitors metering performance to ensure consistent quality of the mixed material, as well as provide data storage on VOC and material […]

Automatic spray guns

Graco introduces a new line of automatic spray guns that include compliant, air spray, HVLP and air-assisted spray guns. The guns are designed to provide consistent spray patterns for a high-quality finish, and feature stainless steel construction. Also featured are different manifolds for flat-line, reciprocating as well as compact applications. All hose connections are made […]

UV finishing

Technolegno and Makor have presented the Gemini finishing system,an integration of three machines designed to apply UV base coat on panel edges automatically, leaving a good seal for further finishing. The Cyclone paint module applies UV varnishing products with 100 percent dry residue to avoid overspray and harmful emissions. The drying module uses late-generation UV […]

High-gloss polisher

Polishing high-gloss paint finishes without scratches or damage to the outside edges is the purpose of the Grotos 16000 from Nerli. The machine uses fixed and adjustable rotating motions with rotation reversal of the four brushing units and two polishing units.

Oscillating sprayer

Kronos was introduced as Makor’s top panel oscillating sprayer. It has an accurate piece reading bar and advanced software for higher efficiency. The transport belt is equipped with a recovery and cleaning system. The double arm holds up to 12 guns on low and high pressure circuits. Brushless motors power the oscillation and the wide […]

Reciprocating spray

The Unospray reciprocating spray machine from Cefla uses a central gun-supporting arm with four guns. The arm can be removed using a quick-change joint and the working width of the machine is 1,300 millimeters.The Unospray comes quipped with a patented belt conveyor that allows for recovery and re-use of lacquer. The exhaust system features two […]

Electrostatic spray gun

The Airspray and Super Vortex spray guns from Sames are suitable for high- and low-pressure applications with solvent or water-based paints. They connect to the Spraybox control module with an electro-pneumatic coupling. The guns are designed to provide improved atomization at lower air pressures, which results in reduced overspray and less bounce-back. Sames says users […]

Acrylic polishing

Martin says it has been working to increase its saws’ capabilities in alternative materials, and now it has introduced a T74 saw with an option to finish-polish the edges of acrylic as it cuts. The patent-pending option is designed to save the operator time.