Archives for January 2013

Manual spray gun

Kremlin says its new Xcite Airmix manual gun is better because it has improved atomization, less weight, less trigger pull, a new fluid swivel and improved fit, feel and comfort. It is designed to achieve better finishes with fewer rejects, higher transfer efficiency and higher application efficiency. Kremlin says the gun delivers environmental benefits in […]

Controlling the agitators

Graco’s Agitator Speed Controller is designed for use with the company’s pneumatic agitators as well as those of it competition. This product maintains a constant pneumatic agitator speed as material levels inside the drum increase, which is designed to improve process control and reduce energy consumption. The Controller also prevents over-agitation of shear-sensitive and waterborne […]

Believe in the silver lining. I dare you.

I didn’t shoot a guy once. I was doing a stint as a start-up editor for an outdoor magazine in Michigan, when my phone rang one morning. The guy on the other end said he had invented some kind of new, bullet-proof cloth. The magazine had become very popular, he said, and he wanted the […]