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Ready to socket

The Enlock joining system from CMT Orange Tools is designed to create fast and simple rock-solid joinery for a multitude of woodworking projects. At the heart of the jig there is a CMT pattern-style dovetail bit. The bearing on the dovetail bit rides in and out of the dovetail socket guide  on the Enlock table […]

A router with pace

AXYZ International has launched its latest Pacer series of high-performance CNC routing machines. This series is available in three sizes to meet varying production requirements; it also accommodates most popular sheet formats. Yet the company says the new series still has all the attributes of earlier systems sold under the Pacer brand, including strength of […]

Throw away the key

Häfele Canada’s electronic furniture-locking system, the StealthLock, is designed to be easy-to-install and boasts no need for wires and no need for keys. Powered by four AAA batteries, the StealthLock’s wireless keypad transmitter can control multiple locks, which can all be opened with one code, or individually. The keypad transmitter can be hidden from view, […]

Turn-off switch

Blum Canada has launched its Compact Blumotion concealed-face frame hinges with integrated Blumotion. These hinges feature several new benefits, such as a deactivation switch for small or light doors, and an overload safety feature to protect the hinge from damage if the door is slammed shut. Compact Blumotion hinges have the same drilling pattern as […]

Precision adjustments

Built for precision, the CMS Routing System from Festool features advanced adjustability, plus a host of features that combine to help wood professionals control the work-piece in order get uncompromised results. A smooth-as-glass sliding table, exacting mitre gauge, solid-extension table, plus feather-board and hold-down options come together to deliver a precise, yet portable routing solution […]

If remarks get offensive

Employers should resist knee-jerk reactions By Michelle MacGillivray If an employee has offensive opinions, and expresses these opinions publicly, there are steps an employer can take, but these situations must be approached with caution. Generally, an offensive remark is not enough to justify terminating an employee for just cause, either in unionized or non-unionized workplaces. […]

From Plato to Carnegie

A brief history of industrial specialization “All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.” (Plato, late 5th century B.C.) This will establish Plato as the […]

Dust… Spark… Inferno

Combustible dust is a deadly wood-industry hazard. Postive steps can help prevent explosions from two sources: regulations and fire. Four workers have been killed recently, and 42 more injured, as a result of explosions erupting in two B.C. sawmills. Although the investigations — by both the Crown and WorkSafeBC — are ongoing, combustible dust is […]

Viacraft Interiors

Sink? No Way. Honesty, perseverance and hard work allow family to swim — in good times and bad. Victor Aprea is as tough as they come, but even he can’t hold back the tears when looking back on his life: “I grew up in horrible poverty in post-World War II Italy. You can’t imagine. We […]

Forum times two

Our reader feedback has been overwhelming that you want more interaction and self-determination with your peers and the industry at large. Therefore, Wood Industry is staging a series of cross-country roundtables, beginning in Alberta, to move this idea forward. There will be some rules. First, each event will be manufacturers-only for subscribers to Wood Industry. […]