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China as export target

This report from the Conference Board of Canada is enlightening on the future of Canadian exports. kk

Career profile: Alan Smart

BUILT ON TRUST   Canada’s secondary wood industry prior to the 1960s was strongly regionalized, with local distributors filling orders for regional manufacturers of newly industrial woodworking machinery. Akhurst Machinery was founded on the West Coast in 1938, but most of the currently recognized names in the industry were yet to be founded. A young […]

Accuwrap: Adapt for long-term success

A burnt steak is what Enzo D’Alessandro uses as an analogy to explain his guiding philosophy of life and business. According to D’Alessandro, “When I was young and working in the hospitality industry, a mentor of mine, a maitre d’, told me if a customer says a burnt steak isn’t done well enough, you don’t […]

Selling Stateside

SMART EXPORTERS FIND SUCCESS, SOUTH OF THE BORDER Up until 2008, the U.S. served as Canada’s largest export market for value-added wood products. According to the analysts, there is no reason why that can’t happen again. Even with the higher Canadian dollar, all indications south of the border finally point to a sustained housing recovery […]

U.S housing moving up

Stuart Miller, c.e.o., Lennar Homes. A really interesting view of pent-up housing demand in the U.S. Good news for Canadian manufacturers. You can see it by clicking the link.   kk

Judgment call

Here is a fun history question. When, since the dawn of time, has the social/economic structure of a country stop everything, look around and say, “Hey! Let’s ask the children.”? Never. Or, at least, never until 1970, when Canada, in its wisdom, lowered the voting age to 18. Also, lest we take too much credit, […]

What is it? If you know, please tell us by leaving a comment

I took a walk with my camera last week, and got this photo. If you can say what this is and what you know about it, let us know in the comment box below.  No registration or log in is required.

Nap Gladu acquires BC Saw

Jasper, Indiana – Quintec, the tooling platform company owned by Tenex Capital Management, announced the completion of the acquisition of BC Saw Toronto, Canada by its Nap Gladu subsidiary.  BC Saw, located in Toronto, Ont., has been specializing in the sale and service of carbide saws, routers, insert tooling, diamond tooling, metal saws and custom […]