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Oh, let’s just call this one Armageddon, and let’s start with the CBC. CBC, of course, is our government-funded (but no influence … promise) news media. According to a June 6 story by CBC, they have identified the house where Toronto’s embattled Mayor, Rob Ford, allegedly smoked crack. According to CBC, their reporter, Trevor Dunn, […]

Canadian building permits continue upswing

Canadian municipalities issued building permits worth $7.0 billion dollars in April, up 10.5 percent from March. The advance in April was the fourth consecutive monthly increase. The recent upswing came after a downward trend in the total value of building permits that began in the fall of 2012. The advance in April came largely from higher construction intentions […]

An aggressive geometry

The high-shear two-flute router bit from SGS is available in a right-hand spiral, right-hand cutting up-cut geometry, as well as a left-hand spiral, right-hand cutting down-cut geometry. This product is capable of machining wood, plastics and various non-ferrous materials. The router bit is also made of high performance and lab-certified raw material, and features an […]

It’s all in the application

The AEC Automatic Glue Applicator from Doucet features a sequencer belt conveyor, which allows the operator to stage several parts in its bottom-feed reserve. This increases productivity by maintaining a constant flow of material through the glue applicator. Depending on the application, the belt can stop feeding between consecutive parts in order to create a […]