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Sticky digits

A July 12 story from CBC reports the Russian government, inspired by the scandals surrounding the leaking of secret documents by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, has decided to abandon digital and return to the typewriter. It is time to buy stock in Whiteout. I wonder what is going to happen to Snowden. As of this […]


Legacy lives beyond nice Father’s Day is supposed to be a time of reflection. At this recent opportunity, my thoughts wandered to include someone who I might best describe as my Design Father. My biological parent played an important role in my life, as they all do, but this didn’t include any fathering of my […]

Mix it up marketing

Take ownership of your company’s marketing; One size does NOT fit all “If you build it, he will come.” While that line eventually worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, its applications in the real world are considerably more limited. Canadian value-added wood manufacturers have a worldwide reputation for building high-quality products. Yet the […]


Dear Kerry: I read a lot. I have often thought to let my favourite authors know how much I have enjoyed their work, but I never do. You, Sir, have always provided me with a great amount of joy. You never let me down. In your one page that sometimes spills into more we share […]

Unpaid work

Recently, Canadian media have been examining the experiences of people, often students or those at the very outset of their working careers, who work in unpaid positions as interns. It may come as no surprise but an unpaid position cannot be created simply by designating someone or a position as an intern. Nor can it […]

Shipway Stairs

Shipway Stairs started in the 1980s as a one-man operation in a small countryside barn. Today, the Burlington, Ont., manufacturer of wooden stairs and railings employs 120 people and supplies many — if not most — of the subdivisions in the sprawling Greater Toronto Area. Asked to account for the long-term success of the company, […]

Where success starts

For Wintersteiger, economic success with thin-cutting frame saws requires superbly sharpened saw blades. Therefore, the success of a wood shop starts in the sharpening room. That’s where the Micro Grinder HT comes in, which is part of the company’s saw service for DSG frame saw blades. The HT is an inexpensive entry model for thin-cutting […]

Design contest now open

The 2014 National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Design Competition is now open for entries. Exclusive to NKBA members only, the annual competition offers an excellent opportunity to submit kitchen and bath projects that were installed between November 28, 2012, and August 30, 2013. In addition to receiving national industry recognition, over $50,000 in cash […]

Impregnated laminate

The Patterns collection of high-pressure laminate from Lamitech has been carefully selected to highlight special areas of furnishings and can be combined with the company’s Woodgrains, Solids and Metallics designs. Lamitech says it applies state-of-the-art technology during all manufacturing stages: in-house phenolic and melamine resins production, kraft and decorative papers impregnation, and flat pressing, trimming […]

Six lives

Leitz describes its VariPlan Plus, an adaptation of the Variplan planerhead, as a quality leap in planing soft and hard wood. Using RipTec knife technology for pre-planing or integrating with smooth knives, Variplan is designed to increase the smoothness of rustic and even difficult-to-machine woods. It does all this while decreasing the prevalence of chipping. […]