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Our Own Worst Enemy

Germany-based Homag, through its U.S. distributor Stiles Machinery, in 2009 participated in an attack on the North American secondary wood-processing industry, in the form of a boycott of the recession-weakened Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) trade show in Las Vegas. Homag and its associates in the boycott, including Weinig and Biesse, were uniform […]

Have you met the boss?

A driver in Honduras a few years ago described the country’s political system. He said Honduras is run by two families that take turns being in power. Each takes a turn at the treasury, and they switch off to avoid a civil war, as happened in El Salvador. A few years before that, an associate […]

It’s natural … looking

3M Architectural Markets has partnered with San Francisco-based designer Primo Orpilla of O+A to create dynamic and interactive products, including DI-NOC architectural finishes, which offer the striking look of natural materials in lightweight and affordable designs. These designs are grouped into six collections, including silk, metallic and nuno, which is inspired by Japanese fabric textures. […]

Customer-driven design

An approach to design that’s good for business The word design has 14 definitions in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. It can certainly be a challenging concept to grasp. The difficulty in truly understanding design can also exist in wood shops across Canada, where what constitutes “design” is often in the eyes of the beholder. Yet […]

Polwood Cabinets

No fear: Bold action sustains a man, his family and a business Stan Szeremeta, owner and founder of Polwood Cabinets in Kitchener, Ont., has made some bold moves in life. From emigrating to Canada from Poland in the ‘90s, to going on his own in the wood industry a few years later, risk taking has […]

Design saved my life

Doing some good with our craft The first thought that came to me, after the impact, came as a question: I wonder if that’s fixable? What I didn’t realize then was that my left rear wheel had been pushed two feet forward and was now right behind my seat. The force of the bus striking […]

Due diligence

A good story told through documents By Jeremy Warning It is commonly understood that a party charged under the Occupational Health and Safety Act can avoid liability by proving due diligence: all reasonable care to avoid the alleged contravention. In that regard, due diligence can be considered an explanation. It is a story that excuses […]

An ambitious track saw

Festool says its TS 55 REQ sets a whole new standard for track saws. With its accuracy and versatility, a good comparison for this saw isn’t other track saws, but advanced table saws, mitre saws and panel saws. Add in its advanced portability and ease-of-use, the TS 55 REQ makes for a high-precision cutting solution […]

Tiger ethics

I once accepted a publishing job that was to start in three months. However, the relationship I had with my PR clients was such that I had to notify them in time to accommodate the transition. This gave me three months with very little to do. Reviewing what I considered to be my assets and […]

Canadian building permits surge in July

According to Statistics Canada, contractors took out building permits worth $8.0 billion in July, up 20.7 percent from June. The total value of building permits continued to trend upward on the strength of six gains in seven months. The increase in July came mainly from higher construction intentions for commercial buildings in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. Total […]