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Knotty pedestals

Osborne has expanded its selection of pedestals, which includes four new models and accompanying kits. The kits come with matching feet and pre-installed hardware. The new expansion almost doubles the selection of the company’s pedestal components. These four new pedestal kits range from Victorian to traditional, single base to double base, and all stand 25-inches […]

Add a bungee cord

American Fabric Filter (AFF) offers custom-designed cartridge overbags that help prevent dust from bridging across the filter pleats, as well as help keep the cartridge from blinding. These custom overbags are also designed to make pulse-type cleaners more effective, and are manufactured from high-quality nylon monofilament. Adding a bungee cord in the hem allows for […]

It’s the ceramic

The G2 ceramic sanding belts from Shopsmith are, according to the company, designed to last up to four times longer and cut up to four times faster compared to standard abrasive belts. These high-performance abrasives fit most popular hand and power sanders available in the market today. All Shopsmith abrasives feature G2 technology, which the […]

Match people with process

Logistics equations that succeed include the human factor Automation has changed the way Canada’s wood industry works. What once was done by hand and tool, or much simpler machinery — and often by more than one person — can now be done with the flick of a switch on a CNC panel.  Has this revolution […]

Joint preparation

Successful edge and face gluing By Jaye Schroeder Edge- and face-gluing solid lumber puts even the strongest adhesive to the test and makes it all the more imperative for furniture manufacturers and cabinetmakers to properly prepare the joints to be bonded. Poor preparation can cause weak, ill-fitting joints that compromise product quality. Here are some […]

Update: It’s about you

… continued from November-December Wood Industry. only effective to a certain point, after which the publics revolted. People resent being treated like cows. However, the idea of Bernays-type marketing stayed on in Europe, to the detriment of the European markets. For example, last year I was offered the chance to buy two European magazines for […]

Remember to understand

Today is Remembrance Day. While you are reading this, I am getting a tooth extracted. Life goes on. Or does it? Remembrance Day was instituted following WWI so nobody would forget the horrors of war. Or the honour. Within 20 years, we did. As the result, not only did the world revisit the horrors of […]