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Opportunity knocks. Hard.

I made the mistake a while back of criticizing liberals (small L) as being like children: all rights with no responsibility, constant demands, fear of independence and so on. I got a bit of push-back, so I would like to make amends. Instead of criticizing liberals, I will criticize employers, since most employers of small- […]

Abe Lincoln and me

From log cabins to cross-laminated timber I was born in a log cabin. I guess that makes me a “man of the people” alongside Abraham Lincoln and many others that preceded me. Or maybe I’m only guessing about the log cabin part, and likely exaggerating. I was actually born in Johanna’s Maternity Home, which was […]

New rules

Occupational health and safety training By Jeremy Warning and Ryan Edmonds In early December 2010 the report of the Expert Advisory Panel on Occupational Health and Safety (the “Dean Panel”) set out 46 detailed recommendations to change the occupational health and safety system in Ontario. The Ontario government was quick to accept the Dean Panel’s […]

Accidents happen: Are you prepared?

On New Year’s Day, 2009, Deslaurier Custom Cabinets of Renfrew, Ont., received a phone call that didn’t start off with “Happy New Year.” Instead, the voice on the other end of the line asked: “Did you hear about the fire at the plant?” These are words that no wood shop owner ever wants to hear, […]

Préfontaine Handcrafted Furniture

It is hard not to think of warmth driving south out of Calgary in December. On your right are the Canadian Rockies — a forbidding barrier even in modern times; a threat to life to the early migrants. On your left, the empty, wind-swept snowscape of eastern Alberta. It never took an Ian Tyson to […]

FMC China pre-registration begins

Online pre-registration for FMC China 2014 is now available. With pre-registration, attendees will get: Free entrance to Furniture China 2014 and FMC Premium 2014. A discount on the registration fee. Free shuttle bus service between SWEECC and SNIEC. A gift from FMC China 2014. A chance of free accommodation during the show. Snack coupons that […]

Vertical and horizontal

Crossville has introduced its Collection Line of porcelain panel product under the company’s Laminam by Crossville distributorship. The vertical applications for this product include doors and cabinet facings. The horizontal applications include countertops. The Collection Line is suited for residential and commercial installations, and includes 18 colour options that range from bright tones and earthen […]

Added door designs

New mullion designs from Elias Woodwork allow for added creativity and can add an extra touch to any kitchen. With over 25 designs, mullions can be used to create any look, including Old World contemporary and beyond. All styles are also available in curved cabinet doors of any radius. To view, simply include the code […]

No premature changing

According to Irwin Tools, there is a common tool in every tradesman’s tool bag, the utility knife, which comes in various shapes and sizes and is used to cut a wide range of materials on the job. Irwin’s latest offerings of this invaluable tool are the FK100, FK150, and FK250, which all come with the […]

Confession of a grow-op junkie

I didn’t intend it to go like this. It started this time last year. I was doing some research on a rare, Peruvian chili pepper, the lemon drop, to be precise. I discovered its days to harvest are too many for Canada without assistance, and I discovered it needs bottom heat to germinate. That led […]