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Big enough for gold medals, big enough for Europe

New trade agreements mean new offshore opportunity for Canadian manufacturers Canada’s wood industry has changed — probably forever. Competition from importers has made the domestic market far more competitive. A more expensive Canadian dollar has made exporting a challenge. A forever-recovering U.S. economy has sidelined a once-powerhouse buyer of Canadian goods. As a result, Canadian […]

Gunning for it

The Kremlin Rexson 10-C18 finishing system is a redesigned and improved version of the 10-14 system while still using the same technology. The new 10-C18 offers a compact design, simple construction, reliability, and is designed for quick colour changes and reduced material waste. The target market for this new finishing system includes customers in small to […]

Diversity runs in the family

Well, my journalist colleagues are at it again. Last week on their “chat” site, the discussion turned to “diversity” in the newsroom. One newsroom bragged about having Native Canadians in the newsroom. Then one upped the challenge with FEMALE Native Canadians. As with fishing stories, the first presenter doesn’t have a chance. Not wanting to […]

Design software options

Delcam has launched the latest versions of its ArtCam software for the design and manufacture of signs, furniture and other wood-industry products. ArtCam Express is for new users to CNC machining. Extending the functionality of ArtCam Express, ArtCam Insignia features an expanded toolkit specifically for repeat designs in a production environment and introduces some 3D […]

Dump and run

Referred to as Shorty by Vecoplan, the VAZ 1300 U-S features a shorter feed ram, providing it with a smaller footprint. This feature allows the machine to be retrofitted in tight areas, and maximizes space in new-facility installations. Ram feed strokes are calibrated in the VAZ 1300 U-S for maximum throughput efficiency. This product also […]

Ancient challenge, new solution

According to General Tools & Instruments, the majestic, elegant tradition of crown moulding dates back to ancient Greece and Rome and is more popular than ever today. The challenge for wood-industry workers has always been the accurate cutting to create seamless corner joints. Well, no more. The new E-Z Pro Crown King makes precise crown-moulding […]

Base-plates galore

Bessey has extended its Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp line from three to eight distinct configurations. This new offering now has five additional models, including three horizontal clamps in a more compact format — one of which has a horizontal base plate, one with a vertical base plate, and one with a 90-degree angled base plate. The […]

The wonders of wood

An article in Popular Science describes wood as “the world’s most advanced building material.” Attendees of various construction-related trade shows — including Construct Canada, WMS and Ligna — will know that wood is being offered up as an alternative material in the construction of commercial buildings. While the trend is still in its infancy, it […]

Sizing things up

Leitz has developed the VectorCut panel-sizing saw blades with an intelligent tooth-and-gullet geometry for sizing single panels and panels in stacks. The tooth shape remains constant from the first cut to the last. The abrasive area of the saw tooth is reduced by 50 percent, providing a significant improvement in material collection. These panel-sizing saw blades […]

A tip with depth, and carbide

Amana Tool has made available its carbide-tipped countersink with non-marring ball-bearing depth stop. This tool enables wood-industry workers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and deck builders to create pilot holes and varied-depth countersinks in a variety of materials — without causing burnout or other marks. According to Amana, its countersinks are the only in the industry […]