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Learn about commercial estimating

The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) is offering a webinar on the topic of commercial estimating that is scheduled for Wednesday, April 30, at 1:00 p.m. Central time. The webinar is being presented by Rick Thaler, president of OGB Architectural Millwork. You can find out more and register here.

Spray and wipe

For Sherwin-Williams, the introduction of two of its stain solutions means wood finishers that need to reduce or eliminate emissions in their finishing operations no longer have to compromise application and appearance expectations. The WB-S spray stain and WB-W wiping stain are formulated with raw materials that are reported to contain no VOCs (volatile organic […]

Wood in the spotlight

“What is in a name?” Juliet Capulet famously asked. The answer, she discovered is deeper than she thought. For a man, the easy part of the answer starts with a physical description – height, weight, hair and eye colour… The stuff others need to confirm an identity. But it goes on. For example, each man […]

Flat on the table

One of Better Vacuum Cup’s latest additions to its product offerings is a flat table cup, which measures 170 mm by 75 mm on top, with the same footprint on the bottom. This cup is to be used in the production of doors, drawers, or that other special project, and features the same holding power […]

It’s all in the mix

According to Franklin, its Advantage FJ-1 breaks ground as a one-part PVA (polyvinyl acetate) wood adhesive that passes the ASTM 5572-95 (2012) wet-use test for finger joints. This product is designed to provide high water resistance in a ready-to-use PVA product. PVA adhesives that achieve a similar level of water resistance for finger-jointing applications typically are […]

Better, stronger, faster

According to Vollmer, its Vpulse generator on the newly-designed QXD250 rotary erosion machine processes diamond-tipped tools 30 percent faster than previous machines. Finer surface finishes are also possible with this new technology. The QXD platform offers six CNC-controlled axes that operate simultaneously to produce optimum results on tools in a single setup. With this machine, […]

Secondary, or second class?

The other day, we heard about the signing of a new free-trade deal, this time with South Korea. According to the government, the South Korean deal means, “Forestry and value-added wood products: (emphasis added) duties on 85 percent of tariff lines will be eliminated.” This, of course, begs the question: what portion is value-added, and […]

Trade shows

Why we bother I’ve begun to wonder how many hours I’ve spent walking the aisles of trade shows. I know it will be a big number. I started as a student and then eagerly continued on as a young professional. Eventually, I was one of the exhibitors too, and then I really got to know […]

Reprisal firings

When complaints are punished By Jeremy Warning and Cheryl A. Edwards On November 22, 2013, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (“the Board”) released its decision in the Ljuboja v. The Aim Group Inc. and General Motors of Canada Limited, (“AIM”). The Board has potentially signalled a new way to approach the concept of reprisal under […]

Crescent Cabinet

Everything old is new again Crescent Cabinet is an old factory in an old, industrialized area of old and grey Hamilton, Ont. But don’t let that fool you. Like the other facades surrounding it, the entrance to Crescent is a portal to the stories of lives untold. The Hamilton-based manufacturer of high-end custom wood furnishings […]