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What is your relevant humidity?

It is March of 2002. The place is a dock in New Delhi, India, where a container of high-end, Canadian-manufactured kitchen cabinets has been waiting for a month to clear customs and be delivered. The ambient temperature in the sun approaches 50 C. The relative humidity is over 90 percent. Inside the steel boxes … […]

One by one in 3D

Industrial design’s need for speed There is an ideal, in industrial design (at least from a consideration of the production end of things), of achieving great efficiency. One ma-terial, one process. As an example, we take some material and hit it with a tool. Bang!  And we’re done. I have a small collection of metal […]

Is jail more likely?

­­Recent cases indicate new direction By Jeremy Warning Monetary penalties have been most commonly imposed on individ­u­als convicted of health and safety offences. That sentencing regime likely developed because regulatory offences are, generally, negligence-based offences rather than intent-based offences. However, some recent decisions suggest that a shift away from monetary penalties as the typical sanction […]

ISPA Store Fixtures

Customization+automation—motivation Producing a store fixture is no easy thing. Clients need something that is unique, eye-catching, sturdy, and replaceable within a year or two. The store-fixture business takes the custom wood industry to its limits, combining automation with customization and flexible manufacturing. For success, manufacturers in the sector need their own unique — almost magical — […]

Canadians confident in real estate

Canadian consumer confidence remains steady largely as a result of the real-estate sector, according to the latest Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index. The index has been stable for the past seven weeks, and real estate remains the key driver in this trend — despite constant warnings in recent months — and years — of a […]

Straight and true

The Carvex Jigsaw from Festool allows users to tackle the most demanding of applications. It features multiple base plates for cutting wood, wood-like materials, plastics and metals — adapting to the most challenging of tasks. The PS 420 version of this jigsaw is precise with its automatic blade guidance, stroboscopic lights, and zero-clearance splinter guard […]

Technology: Art or Kraft?

It should be a surprise to nobody that I am fascinated by the cult of marketing. It’s like watching a train wreck: you know nothing good is happening, but you can’t look away. Take last Friday’s edition of Ad Age Daily, for example. The topic was performance-based compensation for ad agencies. You and I may […]

In concert

Concert series temperature controllers from Nordson provide an easy and economical way to increase application flexibility and capacity of material melters. The controllers allow individual temperature control of up to six heating zones for each melter, enabling a single melter to serve multiple individual applications at the same time. The Concert temperature controllers use the […]

From three years to 30 seconds

Nova says it has done it again. The company’s R&D department has spent the last three years developing the Infinity Quick Change Chuck System, which is designed to speed up a shop’s productivity. This system features a sophisticated range of high-technology chucks, upgrades and accessories, offering a quick change of jaws that delivers very fast […]

On the fast track

The 3M Fast Track Water Based Adhesive 1000NF is a new alternative to solvent-based adhesives that the company says will change the way furniture manufacturers work by offering strength and speed comparable to solvent-based adhesives while containing zero VOCs. Suitable for a wide variety of applications — including furniture manufacturing, mattress and upholstery manufacturing, and […]