Archives for June 2014

IIDEX Woodshop call for submissions

IIDEX Canada is now seeking submissions for its annual Woodshop event, which will showcase 15 innovative wood prototypes that utilize Toronto’s untapped ash wood resource. The event is held during the IIDEX trade show.  Our own Paul Epp was a judge for last year’s Woodshop. Ash trees, in particular in the Toronto area, have been devastated […]

In a spin

Baileigh describes the IP-2509-HD as the ultimate in numerically-controlled planers. This industrial 25-inch planer has a 10 HP single-phase motor that makes sure you never run out of power — even when using the planer on 25-inch boards. Because of the 10 HP motor, the IP-2509-HD can take a quarter of material at one time […]

Dust in, air out

American Fabric Filter says it offers big technology for smaller shops. The company offers the same individualized custom filter design technology to small- and medium-sized shops and home hobbyists as with large manufacturing plants. No two shops are alike and filtrations needs vary with the size of the collector, type of dust generated and amount […]

Focus on foreign workers

Finding skilled labour has been an ongoing focus of our magazine. Frankly, it’s hard to find people that want to work in our industry. That’s why the Temporary Foreign Worker Program exists in the first place, and we’ve covered it on our pages for some time. However, the program has come under attack because it’s seen as […]

Pricing for profit

The Cabinet Makers Association is hosting a webinar this Wednesday, June 25, titled The Art of Pricing Profitability by Sean Benetin, owner of Millwork & More in New York, N.Y. More details can be found here, and a preview video can be seen here.

Taking it to the max

SuperMax Tools says its 5-50 Drum Sander is the largest open-end  drum sander on the market today. The 25-50 will sand up to 25 inches in a single pass, and 50 inches in a double pass. The company says that prior to this product, open-end drum sanders could only hand pieces up to 38-inches wide. […]

Some things matter

Three RCMP officers lost their lives last week to another pointless coward. As I write this on the morning after his capture, I am confident the event will dissolve quickly into a smattering of sides and political posturing, compounding the felony. Those of us that make a living on and around retail sales know the […]

Fill her up

Wintersteiger has expanded its product range to include what it calls the perfect combination: wood-surface repairs and thin-cutting saws. The semi- and fully-automatic timber repair and cosmetics (TRC) systems allow for a surface to be repaired in just one filling procedure, regardless of the system user’s skill levels. This feature significantly reduces rejected items while […]

It’s the high pressure

Following a demand for authentic stone prints and textures, Canadian high-pressure laminate manufacturer Arborite has released Panorama. This residential laminate line celebrates the true scale and veining of the luxurious granite and marble often sought after in homes, but with the sustainable, easy to maintain, and affordable benefits of laminate. To fully capture this natural […]

Take it outside

The Revolution line of outdoor panels from Richelieu is designed for use by the woodworker, cabinetmaker, kitchen specialist and furniture maker. Revolution is made of polymer resin, which is able to withstand great variations in temperature, is colour-fade resistant, and can be cut  and assembled like wood — allowing for the creation of outdoor furniture […]