Archives for September 2014

Portable reel cutter

The RCS from Hendrick is designed for cutting reel stock. Fully portable with locking casters and a 50-inch power cable, the RCS can be brought into position in front of large, heavy reels of polycarbonate material for cross cutting to length. The RCS eliminates the need to move reels to existing fixed-position sawing machines, or […]

E-letter: Time to put it down

Statistics Canada last week came out with its reports on residential and non-residential building. Looking for a moment at Residential report and expanding StatCan’s numbers back to 2009, we can see spending on all types of new dwellings was a bit over $8 billion in the second quarter (Q2) 2009. In Q2 2014, five years […]

Get a grip

With the FXP area gripper, vacuum specialist Schmalz is presenting a comprehensive machine with extra power. Users can pack, sort, palletize and de-palletize various materals — with just a single gripper. According to the company, a benchmark test has shown the FXP series of area grippers generates an average of 86-percent higher suction force than […]

Snug and accessible

Hailo says the OrgaBridge finally allows users to fully utilize the space in higher, front-panel drawers without having to stack drawers or tins on top of each other — while still retaining an overview of the drawer’s contents. OrgaBridge is designed so that nothing slides around upon opening and closing the drawer, and all items […]