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Andex Kitchens and Custom Woodworking

Chris Moura talks so passionately, proudly and astutely about how he has built his kitchen cabinetry and custom woodworking business, you would never know that he never really intended to get into the industry for a living. He is, you see, a master electrician by trade. “I had just gotten my licence and my father […]

Custom versus custom

It is rather like standing at an unmarked crossroad in the middle of nowhere and trying to determine whether both roads lead to the same place, whether they go off in entirely different directions or whether one road ends abruptly at a precipice. When it comes to the future of fine wood craftsmanship design and […]

A password a day keeps you away

By the time this hits print, the underwhelming Apple announcement of its new watch and Iphones may be bigger news. Today (my time) it is, curiously, not. Hidden behind the man with nothing up his sleeve was a new fact. The Iphone 6 is a digital wallet and includes near-field communications (NFC) capability and Apple […]