Archives for February 2015

Making short work of long panel cuts

Hendrick Manufacturing’s new HC6 PL Panel Saw cuts panels up to 12 feet long. The heavy-duty, high speed computerized saw cuts to both four- and six-inch depths. It has a 25 hp, variable-speed motor (20 hp with four-inch depth cut; 25 hp with six-inch depth cut). It features quick blade change, dual fully-automatic crosscut side […]

More battery power

If you’re using Milwaukee Tool M18-series cordless tools on installations or in the production shop, the company says you’ll see an instant increase in run-time and durability of your tools by upgrading to the new M18 RedLithium XC5.0 extended-capacity battery pack. With the launch of the XC5.0 in November, Milwaukee claims it’s leading the way in cordless […]

For casket cutting

For wood-production shops serving the funeral industry, Doucet Machinery has introduced its new CSS Casket Side Saw and Router. It’s designed to cut sides or ends of caskets, including the top and bottom mouldings. Twin saw carriages are adjustable in relation to the saw’s center position. They’re powered by an electric motor with an encoder. […]

Good, good, anti-vibrations

Fein Tools has launched its new MultiMaster 350 Q. It features a patented fast-change system, and a metal drive head with high load capacity. The MultiMaster has a two-by-1.7-degree angular range. The motor is 350 W, and the fan is a new design for optimal air flow. The MultiMaster also features new anti-vibration construction, with […]

New finishes

Yorktowne has added a new door and two new finishes to its kitchen cabinetry line. The company says its new Dixon door is a balance of traditional and transitional styling. It is available in cherry or maple. The door frame and raised center panel are both solid wood. The new Cappuccino and Peppercorn finishes were developed […]

Soft-closing hinge

Grass’s new TEC Soft-Close face frame hinge has a dampener pre-mounted in the hinge cup. The hinge features a new adjustable switch to regulate closing action. Three-tiered adjustment allows for different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. Settings can be adjusted for consistent closing operation regardless of cabinet door size and weight. The hinge […]

Take it easy; own an editor

We continue to receive marketing letters telling us to visit the senders’ websites and find new product releases to place for them. Some of them have no relevance to our business, whatever. While I appreciate the value people see in electronic communication and data storage, including no postage and no separation of prints and text, […]

Obligations for travelling

Out of sight, but not out of mind By Jeremy Warning Many workers are required to travel as part of their jobs. They may travel for sales trips, service calls, conferences, client meetings, or even accompanying students on field trips. Unfortunately, workers are sometimes injured while travelling. There have been a number recent examples of […]

Dust collecting in stages

If you need dust-collecting power and capacity, General International’s 10-805CF 1-1/2 hp, portable two-stage dust collector may fit the bill. It features a six-inch inlet and two four-inch inlets; a 30-gallon chip collection drum; 778 cfm airflow capacity; and remote control. It can be operated from anywhere on the shop floor. General says the collector’s […]

Cutting it both ways

Festool calls its new Vecturo Oscillating Multi-Tool “the ultimate in versatility.” A wide variety of blades and the tool’s variable speed mean the Vecturo can easily cut, scrape or score virtually any material. Oscillating frequency is 10,000 to 18,500 opm. Amplitude is four degrees (two degrees left, two degrees right). Festool says the Vecturo makes accurate, […]