Archives for February 2015

Browns to dreadnoughts

I stepped out front the other morning, felt the cool, Canadian breeze on my face. The bitter cold of the past weeks had broken, and the day’s forecast was for a high of -8 C and sunny. Out back, the trout in the river are taking a break. All but the fastest water is iced over, […]

Profile: Cutler Group

Jonathan Glick is on a constant high. “This is the best period of my career. It’s the most fun I’ve had,” he says from behind a desk covered in neatly arranged paperwork he still has to attend to. “I’m sad to leave at the end of the day, but I’m happy to get home to […]

Figures of speech – let me design my own rules

I hate grammar. I really do. Just the mention of the word subjunctive puts me into a state of despair. I don’t want to know which is the predicate and which is the participle. Leave me alone. It is not that I am averse to the use of words and especially the effective use of […]

Managing risk

Some people don’t like change. But when it comes to safety and risk management in your business, changing your ways can be critical to preventing catastrophe. Just ask Josef Pruellage. He is the senior risk assessment consultant with the risk services division of Hub International, the largest insurance brokerage firm in Canada. Pruellage has done […]