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Third-party circulation validation

The importance of third-party circulation validation cannot be overstated. Circulation is one of the only hard-data, empirical evidence verifications advertisers can get. Wrongfully manipulating the numbers for the purpose of inflating the actual numbers of the market served is often viewed as fraud, with recent sentences in the U.S. including jail time and fines. Canadian […]

Three reasons

In the case of Blum’s “choice” to advertise in a competitor, the competitor’s breadth of market reach can be reviewed through its third-party circulation audit. In that case, it is clear the competitor has had serious irregularities in its reporting. Those irregularities are reported, in part, here. Since these are third-party audit reports, and the […]

Irpinia Kitchens, Richmond Hill, Ont.

From Avellino with love: No substitute for passion By Kerry Knudsen The last time I profiled Ontario’s Irpinia Kitchens was in 1998 or 1999. While we rarely repeat profiles, I have wondered what happened with Irpinia during the U.S. crisis years of 2008/2009, since Irpinia’s market before 2000 was 90 percent exports to the U.S. The […]