Archives for July 2015

On the straight and level

Elite Tools has added to its product offerings the LAX400 Pro Line Multi-Line Self-levelling Laser from Stabilia. Compact unit (six by 2-1/2 by 4-1/2 inches) can help make sure cabinets are square and level during installation. The unit features a 360-degree horizontal line, two vertical lines at 90 degrees to each other. Plumb lines and dot […]

Presidential art-deco

If the cabinetry job calls for brass hardware with an art-deco look, the new Jefferson Knob from Horton Brasses may fit the bill. The knob’s styling is inspired by the Jefferson Building in Washington, D.C. Comes in two sizes (1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inches) and seven finishes. Finishes are Antique, Light Antique, Dark Antique, Semi-Bright, Bright, […]

The new modern

If you’re producing cabinetry with a modern look, Richelieu’s new BP90540140900 Contemporary Metal Knob could be the ideal hardware solution. Modernistic chrome and matte-black combination. It’s 40 mm long, 10.5 mm wide, and projects 26.5 mm.

E-letter: Looking for a breakout?

For just a moment, I want to talk about both Canadians and Americans at the same time, since there is no reason we, Canadians and Americans, should see our manufacturing, installation and design industries fail in competition against the rest of the world. The reasons are mostly quite obvious. We have all the natural resources […]

As the wood turns

If you make wood components that require turning, King Canada’s new King Industrial 12-by-18-inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe may be worth looking at. Speeds from 450 to 3,800 rpm. Powered by 1 hp high-performance induction motor. Computerized, precision control. A worklight with 18-inch flexible shaft provides improved visibility when you’re doing intricate work. Lathe has […]

Change it fast

This can help in final assembly of cabinetry components. Brettwood Machinery has added the Kreg Quick Change Kit to its product offerings. The kit has all components needed for fast changeover from drilling pocket holes to driving pocket screws. The 3/8-inch hex-shank step drill bit snaps directly into quick-change chuck without the need for a bit […]

Speed splicing champion

At Ligna 2015 in Hanover, Germany, Kuper showcased its new ACR Speedstar Cross-feed Splicer. It’s designed for butt-joining veneer strips from 0.25 to 1.2 mm thick and 60 mm wide. Kuper says the ACR Speedstar is a completely new concept and design in veneer-splicing technology. It can process veneers glued with PVAC- or urea-based glues. […]

Boring, but good

If you’re making frameless cabinetry, the R823VH 23-Spindle Horizontal/Vertical Borer from Ritter Manufacturing may be worth looking at. It’s designed for boring dowel holes in both upper and lower cabinetry as well as drawer boxes. It can also be set up as a single-row line drill for boring drawer-slide and hinge-mounting holes. This compact unit […]

Woodworking’s missing readers

By the time Woodworking magazine and its auditing company, CCAB, released Woodworking’s September 2013 Circulation Statement  (NOT Audit) in August, 2014, the two had already established a concerning pattern of late reporting, misreporting, suspension and reapplication, and other serious irregularities going back to 2008, resulting in the resignation in 2010 of Wood Industry from CCAB. In the […]