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Electronic release agent spraying unit

Upstream of the formatting unit, an ultrathin coat of the Adwood special release agent LPZ/II is applied to the top and bottom face of the workpieces (edge area) by means of an electronically controlled release agent spraying unit. This prevents squeezed out glue from adhering to the workpiece. A thin application of the release agent in […]

Better all the time

Even before I became as involved with canoes and canoeing as I eventually did, I found it easy to admire this ‘frail craft of an aqueous navigation.’ All the lines were gentle curves, and, even when at rest, these little boats looked like they were in motion. While I was admiring one in particular, the […]

Palm power: Ecommerce and the wood industry

In a vintage cartoon, Bugs Bunny wants to impress Daisy Lou and instantly delivers nylons using animation magic. “Your teeth are like pearls, real ones, no dime-store phonies!” he woos. By Mike Edwards Similarly, today when Joe Millennial taps a screen on a mobile device, he expects prompt delivery of his desired furniture. Daisy Lou, […]

Solid accomplishment

Profile: Brenlo Custom Mouldings, Mississauga, Ont. As noted in this issue’s “From the Editor” department, there is a feeling in the industry that the glory days of solid wood are over. The labour-assisted killing of Quebec’s Shermag group of solid-wood manufacturing sites is often held up as an example. But then, the old Shermag group […]

Known by your work

So, that was another Woodworking Machinery and Supply Expo (WMS) show, and another year, both of which have food for serious thought — thought echoed in this year’s Readers’ Survey. To kick it off, an acquaintance of long standing dropped by our booth at WMS. I don’t want to identify him, so let’s just say […]

A tale of two parties

Before I get started on the media again, what would you say to crashing a party? I noted in a recent letter to the suppliers to our industry that a new energy seems to be evolving with your vendors. It has been growing over the past few years in Utah Februaries, based upon snow sports […]

Give a high-five

Premier EuroCase says it is the first manufacturer to introduce a high-gloss, acrylic five-piece door as a new design option for the cabinetry industry. The company showcased this addition to its Reflekt line at the AWFS Fair 2015. These new five-piece doors come in 16 colours including Metallic Beige and Metallic Grey as well as […]