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Storage hardware use pegs to hold tools

National Hardware has introduced a line of Peg & Storage Hardware designed to offer a wide range of storage solutions in shop, garage, laundry room, office and play room applications. The new line will include more than 130 products. Typical uses include closet storage; organization of a laundry room or broom closet; organization of outerwear […]

CMA site updated and new discussion forums unveiled

The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) has updated the design of its website. Its intent was to clean up the look and also the visitor experience, ultimately making information easier to find. Unfortunately during the transition to the new site, the CMA members only discussion forums were inaccessible for a short time, the association reports. In […]

E-letter: What’s not to love?

So, here comes Valentine’s Day, and what’s not to love? Sure, the world’s politico-economic environment has more knots in it than one of my dry-fly backcasts on a windy day, but such things never change. I have mentioned before that I beat the Valentine’s Day Guilt Month 25 years ago with what I consider to […]

Something has to give

I got into an exchange recently with a friend of a friend, and he made the claim that Britain’s Opium Wars with China were between the Chinese and “British colonizers.” I’m not sure what he meant by “colonizers,” but to me colonizing means packing up your bags and moving, lock, stock and barrel, to a new […]

Cordless drill weighs under 2 lbs.

Festool USA has introduced the TXS cordless drill. The product has a T-handle design, delivering torque for drilling and driving in a compact format that weighs just under 2 lb. Equipped with built-in fuel gauge, LED to illuminate the work area, four-bit magnetic storage, removable reversible belt clip, high and low speeds, multiple-position clutch, and […]

Selling your business?

Business owners that run their own companies invest huge amounts of time, money and expertise to make their businesses successful, and should be able to reap the maximum reward when they sell.

Line item: Safety — the cost you must afford.

A shop accident can blow up a business launch faster than a visit from a Ministry of Labour inspector. When embarking on creating a new wood shop, or even just keeping the doors open, ignore health and safety issues at your peril. Norm Keith, litigation partner at the Toronto-based legal firm Fasken Marteneau, advises that […]

Good-natured trees

My 91-year-old mother, who doesn’t know where she lives or if she’s had breakfast yet, is enthralled by trees. When we go for walks, she stops and gazes up at them in joyous wonder. I asked her what it was about trees that caught her attention so thoroughly. She replied that it was because trees […]

Time Lasting Craftsmanship

Like salmon fighting upstream in the rivers of British Columbia, one shop in Vancouver is bucking the flow of cheap, mass-market products into Lower Mainland homes. By creating hand-crafted furniture and cabinetry with highly skilled craftsmen, TLC Design Inc. is producing the polar opposite of big box store product. Owner Joe Edwards explains his philosophy, […]

FPInnovations launches Associates program

Roland Baumeister of FPInnovations launches its Associates program for the secondary wood manufacturing industry at WMS 2015 in Toronto.