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Pardon my fun

It is nothing short of amazing how much negativity the internet pumps into the world per nanosecond. It’s as if every would-be internet publisher or personality quickly learns that good news does not sell papers. On just one cruise through the news this month, I see a really pitiable story about Madonna, drunk on-stage and […]

Conifex fined $75,000 by WorkSafeBC

Conifex Timber Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., has been fined $75,000 by WorkSafeBC for three safety infractions in its pellet mill in Fort St. James, B.C. WorkSafeBC, the Vancouver, B.C.-based industrial safety regulatory body for British Columbia, inspected this firm’s pellet mill and observed hazardous accumulations of combustible dust on surfaces and fixtures in three areas: • […]

One-person abodes most common by 2036

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has updated its long-term household growth projections to reflect Statistics Canada’s latest population projections and data on household formation. By 2036, between 2.3 million and 6.1 million new households are projected to be formed in Canada. The number of households in Canada is projected to increase continually in […]

Building permits rise 15.5 percent in February

Canadian municipalities issued building permits worth $7.4 billion in February, up 15.5% from January. This growth followed a 9.5% decline the previous month, according to Statistics Canada, and was largely the result of higher construction intentions for commercial buildings in Alberta, single-family dwellings in Ontario and institutional structures in Quebec. The value of residential building […]

Mastering mass customization

Every kitchen is the same — and different — so how does a cabinet maker profitably satisfy fickle, trend-loving consumers? Easy — through mastering mass customization where production can be accurately repeated while creating new dimensions almost every time. That is the challenge for Miralis, a mid- to high-end kitchen cabinet manufacturer from Quebec’s Lower […]

Perry Boyett appointed Alphacam sales director

Vero Software has announced that Perry Boyett, an existing member of its Alphacam team, has been appointed Alphacam director of sales & services – North America. Boyett began his career as a specialist in manufacturing software 33 years ago as a tool and die designer working with automotive, appliance and aerospace clients. He joined the […]

Import costs rise with the loonie’s tumble

Currency exchange rates are like a rising tide that raises — or lowers — all boats. So, for importers in Canada, the precipitous plunge of the loonie over the past year made many wonder just where the bottom may lie. According to Joy Nott, president of the Toronto-based Canadian Importers and Exporters Association, “the assumption […]

Good faith: It’s the law

Business transactions often involve contracts, where one party undertakes something in exchange for something from the other party. By Edwin Upenieks The contract spells out both parties’ obligations, but not necessarily how the parties should act while discharging those obligations. While the common law requires parties to act honestly when fulfilling contractual obligations, a recent […]

How wood works

I think that I shall never see,a poem as lovely as a tree… — Joyce Kilmer. Actually, a tree is simply an apparatus that facilitates photosynthesis. It puts the little factories, the leaves or the needles, up there out of the way of other things where they can do their job. The tree itself is […]

CabParts president and ceo retires

After 31 years of leadership, William (Bill) Love has stepped down as president and ceo of Grand Junction, Colo.-based CabParts, Inc. In that time, Love transformed a small regional custom cabinet business, Bookcliff Manufacturing, into CabParts, Inc. a pioneer in the cabinet component industry. Since 1987 CabParts has manufactured cabinet boxes, closet components, and more, wholesale […]