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Ikea recalls close to 36 million dresser units

Swedish furniture company Ikea Group is recalling almost 36 million chests and dressers in the U.S. and Canada, according to Reuters news agency, but said the products linked to the deaths of six children are safe when anchored to walls as instructed. Ikea— headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands — is voluntarily recalling all chests and […]

Veneer finger joint cutting and joining machine

The ZIZU veneer finger joint cutting and joining machine from Kuper provides the possibility of using lengthened veneers. The different models of the machine allow production of veneer edgebanding material in rolls, profile-wrapping veneers even for extremely difficult profile radiuses and forms, fixed veneer lengths for wall or ceiling panels, and fixed lengths in rolls […]

Vertical panel saws

Two Holz-Her vertical panel saw models have an installation area footprint from 5 m². The manual CUT 1255 and automatic CUT 1260 version are available as special “Black Edition” models in cutting lengths of 4300 and 5,300 mm. The cutting heights are 1900 mm or 2200 mm depending on requirements and available space, while the […]

Storage space for narrow larder cabinets

Vauth-Sagel has expanded its larder cabinet product line to include narrow VSA 300 and 400 versions. The VSA product family is based on 450-, 500- and 600-mm-wide pull-outs. These are available in six different basic heights and equipped with a further infinite-variability option. The maximum load is 75 kg, with each tray capable of holding […]

Horizontal bandsaw has variable feed speed

Laguna Tools has introduced a 28 in. horizontal bandsaw with a single saw head configuration and manual saw wheel elevation. The unit features variable feed speed by 2 hp electric motor through a right angle reduction gear. The blade tension is adjusted by turning the tensioning handle. Large handle design facilitates blade tension adjustment. Manual […]

Reach industry professionals

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E-letter: Own the boots

I wonder if the business environment is actually any different than it ever is. Sure, we are threatened by imports, trade deals, dollar exchange, governmental regulations and fly-by-night operators. And, while it may seem that the pressures are more overwhelming than they were 30 years ago, I think if you checked the editorial pages from […]

Sweet 16: Just In Time

Finding this particular wood shop and furniture store was challenging, even with an iPhone GPS. The journey also came with the lingering fear that my compact SUV was about to run out of gas after being on the road for two hours. That fear turned somewhat to embarrassment when a one-horse, single-man Mennonite buggy sauntered […]

Termination done right

Terminating an employee is one of the most difficult decisions employers face. Once the decision to terminate has been made, employers must consider the potential negative effects upon the employee, other staff, the organization’s reputation, and the threat of litigation. An action plan benefits all parties To avoid negative consequences, the conduct of the termination […]

Wood is slow

Now, that’s kind of a funny way to describe wood. Why would a description of movement be applied to wood? Wood doesn’t move, at least not by itself. But we move wood. In particular, we move it into tools or tools into it. And it is the nature of Wood is slow wood to require […]