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Online training with NWFA University

The St. Louis, Mo.-based National Wood Flooring Association has announced NWFA University, an online platform that gives individuals an opportunity to participate in wood flooring training when and where they want it. The NWFA University is comprised of individual learning modules lasting 15 to 20 minutes, with an online testing component. A series of modules […]

Richelieu Hardware celebrates new location

Richelieu Hardware of Montreal, Que., hosted an indoor/outdoor Trends Show event featuring hands-on training in conjunction with the June grand opening of its new location and showroom in Mississauga, Ont. The more modern location near Pearson International Airport now has 104,000 square feet, up from 63,000 square feet, with a 33-foot ceiling warehouse for added […]

Superfici presents sanding and finishing open house

SCM Canada presented an open house at its Concord, Ont., showroom in July. The sanding and finishing event demonstrated to customers the many ranges of wide-belt sanders offered by the SCM Group and an opportunity for them to find out more about flat line finishing from Superfici America, Inc. The event was said to be […]

SawStop wins round in U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court in June rejected a request by Black & Decker Corp. and other major tool manufacturers that it review a Fourth Circuit decision reviving an antitrust lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to boycott SawStop LLC’s table saw safety technology, according to Law360. In a one-sentence order, the court denied a petition filed […]

Heirlooms: Down through generations

Heirlooms. Now that’s a word that isn’t used very often anymore, unless we’re talking about tomatoes. The whole idea of valuable objects being passed along through the generations has pretty much passed away. When some of our most precious things have an effective lifespan that’s measured in months, the very notion seems a bit quaint. […]

Disability access: Are you compliant?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) came into law in 2005, and has continued to have a significant impact on private, public and not-for-profit businesses in Ontario. Organizations should be considering whether they have been compliant with the AODA, as there are significant monetary consequences for failing to do so. By David Alli […]

Training simulators tackle wood

Training simulators are famous for teaching pilots the ropes before putting them into a multi-million-dollar cockpit and potentially endangering lives. The simulation environment that is often referred to as virtual reality (VR). It was natural that aerospace, with its deep R&D pockets, was one of the first sectors to adopt the expensive equipment. Today, with […]

Advertising: finding value and trust

Many wood shops hum along just nicely on word-of-mouth, and wouldn’t know what to do if more business came in the door. However, there are more shops with business peaks and valleys that would rather smooth them out. Or better yet, they would like to take a step beyond survival and move on to sustained […]

Old World meets new

The greeting couldn’t be warmer this sunny summer day. A bearded bear of a Russian welcomes me to the showroom of Barlow Cabinetworks in south Barrie, Ont., and the conversation flows. With a twinkle in his eye, Igor Slabkovski, co-owner of the business, relays a familiar tale of learning his cabinet making skills at trade […]

E-letter: Big box forever? Not so sure

Whether in trade, association or consumer magazines, newspapers and broadcast, a good editor is a skeptic. Being a skeptic means not accepting everything people try to tell you at face value. Sometimes people lie. Unfortunately, the vast majority of current journalists are not skeptics. They are either lap dogs for special interests or they are […]