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Miter saw digital stop and fence system

ProStop from Accurate Technology is said to be a complete digital stop and fence system for miter saws. It includes an aluminum fence, a flip stop with fine adjust, and double lock down mechanism, as well as two quick sets. Quick sets are useful for setting one or two cutting positions that are used often, […]

When shareholders don’t share

Alex and Justin are equal shareholders of a food packaging company. The two of them met over 12 years ago when they were both working as salespeople for a beverage company. They became good friends and with their shared desire to become entrepreneurs, they decided to start their business together. Justin has always been more […]

Northern lights-out productivity

When your shop is 33 kilometres northwest of Edmonton down an unpaved side road, a visitor begins to wonder if they have made all of the correct turns along the way. Rest assured on this crisp fall morning, Palladium Products Ltd. in Sturgeon County, Alta., finally comes into view and the iPhone GPS can safely […]

True Nordic strong and free

Wood has been an important material in the world of furniture design for a very long time. But by the mid 20th century, there were a lot of competing materials, reflecting new technologies and modernism in general. Despite that, Canada retained a strong loyalty to wood. A very fine exhibit has been mounted that illustrates […]

An ounce of prevention

Everyone wants to have a harassment-free workplace, whether you toil on a shop floor or behind a desk. Laws have been written at both the federal and provincial levels of government that deal specifically with workplace safety — mental and physical — which provide both protection for employees and spell out the responsibility of employers. […]

CNC platform accepts variety of routers, spindles

The CNC Shark HD4 from Next Wave Automation with color pendant controller and auto alignment features a heavy duty gantry reinforced with plate aluminum and a rigid interlocking aluminum table. The CNC unit has anti-backlash, wear-compensated lead screws on all 3 axes and is built to handle 2-1/4 hp routers such as the Porter Cable […]

Base cabinet pullout with soft-close undermount slides

The 8 in. base cabinet pullout from Hardware Resources features soft-close concealed slides on the bottom and a patent-pending top mounting bracket with a heavy duty slide on the top. The product is designed to eliminate side-to-side movement and sag. Made from white birch with a UV finish, units ship fully assembled with adjustable shelves […]

One-component, VOC-compliant coatings system

M.L. Campbell has announced waterborne pre-catalyzed Agualente Plus, a one-component, VOC-compliant coatings system based on advanced resin technology that is said to provide a hard, durable, stain-resistant finish for interior wood surfaces. The system consists of a sealer, primer and clear topcoats with a wide range of sheens suitable for cabinets, furniture, display fixtures and […]

Adjustable right angle tooling head

The Flex 5 model from Benz is an adjustable right angle tooling head that allows the operator to set the desired output angle manually. In most cases, the company says, this is done before the aggregate head is inserted into the tool carousel of the CNC machine. In the past, it adds, if a customer […]

High power portable LED flood light

The Trueview M18 LED HP flood light from Milwaukee Tool is designed to provide a portable area lighting product that replaces 500 W halogen flood lights for industrial use. The model 2360-20 is said to be the industry’s brightest 18 V LED flood light. It provides 3,000 lumens of light output in its high mode, […]