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E-letter: Absolute grok

It’s beginning to look a lot like warfare…. Not bomb-and-gun warfare, to be sure, but warfare, nonetheless. For example, we elected Justin Trudeau in our quaint, non-voting-for-Justin Trudeau way; the Americans elected Donald Trump. If there are any similarities between the two, they are either very minor or I am missing something. Big-League. Last month […]

Single brush sanding machines

SuperBrush single brush machine sanders from SuperMax Tools have a number of benefits when compared to hand finishing, the company says, including faster output, reduced rework and greater surface consistency. Applications include scuff sanding, primer sanding, base coat sanding, straight-lining, graining, decorative finishing, deburring, radius edges, polishing, buffing, cleaning and oxidation removal. Machine features include […]

Router base alleviates dust concerns

The Stacc-Vac router base from Betterley Tools has a 7 x 11 in. base and outboard knob, a main base machined from ½ in. aluminum and an integrated vacuum system and adjustable dust deflector to capture over 95 percent of dust generated in most typical routing applications. The router base works on a variety of […]

Machine automates dovetail drawer production

CNC-controlled dovetail machines from Mereen-Johnson are said to deliver high-production, precision-fit dovetailed drawers and case goods with production runs as small as one. A touch screen operator interface simplifies set-up and requires no special computer skills. The 2 in. spindle centre design offers a dual cutting path while one touch changeovers between fronts/backs and sides […]