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Cut center simplifies cabinet construction without programming

The Cut Center by Thermwood from CNC Automation is a machine that looks a little like a CNC router but works totally differently. Instead of generating CNC programs that tell the machine how to move, it already knows how to move with pre-programmed recipes. It can make over 10,000 different cabinet configurations, and with the […]

Laser engraving system features large table

The Fusion M2 40 in the Fusion Laser Series from Epilog Laser features the company’s largest engraving table — 40 x 28 in. (1016 x 711 mm). The machine was designed to engrave the same high-quality image at any point on the table by using a precision motion control system and industry-leading optics, the company […]

Mounting plates feature improved cam adjuster

The functionality of BAV snap-on mounting plates from Salice is said to be improved with the latest design. Produced in hardened steel for strength and stability, the mounting plates now feature an important technical development with a new cruciform shape and an enlarged cam. These features are said to allow a greater accessibility and, consequently, […]

Tooling series includes roughers and chippers

Vortex Tool Company has announced Series 9000 tooling that includes roughers and chipbreakers. Series 9000 and 9100 three-flute low helix roughers are designed for high-feed rates on CNC routers and are used when surface finish is not important. Suitable for dense materials such as hardwoods and plywood, the Series 9000 roughing tools run quieter and […]

Acid cured, clear post-catalyzed interiors topcoat

Canfast light is an acid cured, clear post-catalyzed topcoat from Canlak recommended for a wide variety of interior woodwork. The product has non-yellowing properties, excellent clarity and dries quickly, the company says. The series can be used over any of its vinyl or post-catalyzed sealers. The topcoat can also be used as a self-seal system […]

Cast iron saw permits compound miter cuts

The Omga T 53 370 is a tilting head, production-duty, cast iron saw from Hoffmann USA that allows the processing of material requiring compound miter cuts. The rotary table, which rides on roller bearings, has miter stops at 45°, 30°, 22.5°, 15° and 10° in both directions. The steel plunger on the front of the […]

E-letter: Generations

This is Holy Week across Christendom. It is fascinating in a way how a ages-old tradition such as Christianity can be promoted with ideological zealotry, persecuted with fanatic fervor and dismissed as a quaint folkway, all at the same time. I am not about to start preaching, but factual things fascinate me. Take The Bible, […]

Design earns its due

It wasn’t that long ago that the word design was primarily used to describe a state of scheming, usually nefariously, for the purpose of acquiring something or someone. One might have “designs” on… It doesn’t seem to be used that way so much anymore. It now generally implies a connection with creativity. There is an […]

Investigating sexual harassment in the workplace

Happy Co. is a small company specializing in the production, sale and installation of custom flooring products in Ontario. Its head office, fabrication plant and retail location (the “plant”) has 20 employees. Happy Co.’s service and installation department also employs 20 employees (techs) that work off-site. At the beginning of each day, the techs must […]

Millwork and upholstery go hand in glove

Next time you tuck into a stack of pancakes at an IHOP restaurant in Alberta, chances are you’re sitting in a booth created by a company with a 60-year-plus legacy. Ryan Neumann, owner of Onsite Group of Companies in Edmonton, Alta., is part of a family tradition that has combined the manufacturing expertise of upholstery […]