Archives for November 2017

Entry-level spray booth features four intelligent spray guns

Stiles Machinery has introduced the Makor Start-One M spray booth with intelligent controls and fully-automated trolley systems. Featuring four intelligent spray guns connected to an oscillating arm for even coating applications, the unit has a patent pending design for consistent, high quality coating applications, the company says. Workpieces are transported through the spray machine using […]

Wide belt sander with cutterblock planing head

The finish 1352 modular and 1353 modular wide belt sanders from Felder are offered as either as a 2 or 3 belt machine. The free aggregate configuration option enables the optimal adaption to requirements that ensures maximum efficiency and maximum time saving, the company says. A cutterblock planer head with 1350 mm processing width positioned […]

Full face respirator hoods provide comfort, safety

The vision 2000 full face respirator hood from Sata protects the face, hair and neck from over spray. It is also suitable for persons wearing glasses and persons with short beards or mustaches. Fresh air is supplied steadily through a silencer to the hood without drafts. The air supply has a variable adjustment according to […]