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When it comes to vacuum hold-down: Don’t suck

An often-overlooked aspect of digital manufacturing is how to hold down the material while performing the machining operation. Over the years and after talking to various manufacturers large and small at one end of the country or the other, everyone agrees that this small function is often the source of major frustration and can lead […]

U.S. District Court, industry, back formaldehyde emission standards

Remarkable cooperation After years of industry associations cooperating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on formaldehyde emission standards, a recent position reversal by the EPA prompted a court decision to allow the rollout of the standards to continue, but at slower pace. On February 16, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District […]

Another box builder? No.

Quality hums at custom cabinet shop Nestled in a leafy family neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Man., custom cabinet shop Mosiac Millwork has been serving the local high-end residential market for 13 years. Co-owners Randy Gunnink and Dan Nobel both have Red Seal Journeyman Certificates in Cabinet Making and have an easy way to remember just how […]

Balance, for now

It was harder than I had anticipated. But that’s because I didn’t think it through. I wanted to visit a furniture factory in Cambodia, and that isn’t what the tour operators usually handle. I’m not sure they quite believed that was what I wanted. But I was stubborn and I prevailed. The facility that I […]

FOCUS ON EXPORTS 2018: Prosperity over the horizon

Many wood-industry manufacturers have businesses that do well in their own back yards — where customers are never farther than a tank of gas in the company pickup truck. But there comes a time when a cabinetmaker or furniture manufacturer wants to expand beyond its municipality to the next province or even another country. To […]

Small claims court

Going to court can be expensive. However, in some circumstances, a lower-cost option is available. The Small Claims Court is a branch of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that is designed to be a people’s court and a “court of equity.” It was created to increase access to justice by providing a more efficient, cost-effective, […]

Cordless sander offers same functionality as corded version

Balanced by an ergonomic battery the DTSC 400 cordless sander from Festool provides the same functionality of its corded counterpart but with hybrid power options —it can be used cordless or corded. The 18-volt Ergo battery provides up to 30 minutes of runtime at full power. Work virtually dust-free with Jetstream dust extraction technology, the […]

Automatic tool changers expand CNC router options

Axyz has introduced two automatic changer options (ATC) with capacity for either 10 or 14 tool stations. Additionally, its existing 7 and 21 station units were upgraded with improved mechanics and drive motors. The 10G unit fits in the same housing as the 7G system and the 14G unit fits in the 21G system. Interchangeable […]

Industry reference manual for tooling introduced

The Leitz Lexicon Edition 7 industry resource manual is now available in both print and PDF versions. The book is used by manufacturers to maximize the efficiency, productivity and longevity of their tools, according to Leitz. Edition 7, the latest version, features a new layout and user-friendly structure with each product category in a compact […]

E-letter: Splitting in two

There are some interesting observations to be made around the Yellow Sea, all of a sudden. Taking North Korea first, it appears as if Kim Jong Un may actually agree to defuse tensions. Irrespective, I have never understood what he is. Possibly, in addition to using his friends and family for mortar practice and dog […]