Trilateral best deal

THOSE OF YOU THAT KNOW THIS MAGAZINE know we don’t endorse products and we don’t involve advertising or advertisers in our editorial content. The reasons for this are many and strong, but largely editorial involvement in advertising invariable leads to conflicts, deceived readers and irritated suppliers. The whole practice, as is in evidence, is remarkably […]

Reach industry professionals

Take advantage of Wood Industry’s classified web advertising.  For further details, contact Steve King at 905-703-6597.

On the straight and level

Elite Tools has added to its product offerings the LAX400 Pro Line Multi-Line Self-levelling Laser from Stabilia. Compact unit (six by 2-1/2 by 4-1/2 inches) can help make sure cabinets are square and level during installation. The unit features a 360-degree horizontal line, two vertical lines at 90 degrees to each other. Plumb lines and dot […]

Wood: A friendly word that describes material, work

Wood is what trees are made of, or at least part it. The main part. The part between the roots and the leaves. The inner part. Wood is basically cellulose fibres, held together with lignin. The fibres are mostly a water transport system, upwards, between the roots and the leaves. Lignin is the glue that holds […]

Make your case

The R-505 Case Clamp from Ritter Manufacturing is designed for production of dowelled construction cabinetry. Its solid platens eliminate the need for adjusting clamping pressure points. With a 3 hp, electronic motor drive, platens traverse rapidly. Push-button control platens are 30 by 96 inches. Workpiece capacity is 50 by 96 by 30 inches. An ideal unit […]

Weathering coroner’s inquests and fatality inquiries

  By Cheryl A. Edwards and Jeremy Warning Any employer experiencing a workplace fatality faces a multitude of legal issues. One aspect of managing in the aftermath receives little attention — an inquest or inquiry. One or the other may arise following any occupational health and safety charges or penalty. An inquest or inquiry could: […]

Go vertical or horizontal

New from Ritter Manufacturing is the R1802RVH 5-Axis CNC Machining Center. It features 10 hp router spindles on both the Y and X axes. Machining capacity is four by 16 by 100 inches. The R1802RVH uses HSK F63 tool holders and has a six-position tool change magazine. The machine uses six adjustable, conventional pneumatic clamps […]

Moulding power

At Ligna 2015, Weinig is unveiling its new Powermat 700 Moulder. The company says the main feature of the machine is an innovative “Comfort Set” operating concept that enables tool-free set up and significantly reduces set-up time. The Powermat 700 also uses smart-touch technology, which enables wireless communication between the control unit or a tablet, […]

Architectural clamping

If your shop produces architectural wood components, the new R1206P Architectural Door and Window Clamp unit from Ritter Manufacturing may be worth looking at. It’s designed to make door and window joinery fast and easy. The R1206P has 20, four-inch bore pneumatic clamps that provide high clamping pressure in selected areas. Thin materials can be […]

Perfect for windows

The five-axis Multirex 7225 Windows CNC machine is the top model in Holz-her’s new Multirex series. X-axis maximum machining length is 7.2 metres, making it ideal for large jobs. Y-axis lengths are 1.4 or 1.6 metres, and the Z-stroke is 565 millimetres. The unit comes with the VarioDrive machine table as a standard feature. The […]